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What’s New in San Diego?
CRE Update: Mission Valley Shopping Centers
Paving The Way To A Greener Future
An Interview With Pearl Lai: J. Michael Coleman Annual Conference & Expo Attendance Scholarship Winner!
BOMA San Diego Emerging Professional Seira Melendez of IDS Real Estate Group Wins the BOMA International CMCP Scholarship
Organic Composting – Kick Starting Your Program
The Boardwalk at Science Center Drive
October's Quarterly CRE Update: La Jolla Commons 3rd Tower
Moving to an Activity-Based Work Model? Here’s How to Adapt Your Cleaning Program.
Don’t Forget to Renew Your Money Judgment
A reminder on how to renew your money judgment
Announcing the 2023 BOMA San Diego RPA/FMA Course Schedule
The Spirit of BOMA’s 2022 International Conference & Expo
Tiyana Smallegan answers questions and explains 5 reasons why she justifies the BOMA International Conference & Expo.
July's Quarterly CRE Update: San Diego International Airport
July's Quarterly CRE Update: North City San Marcos
BOMA San Diego's 2022 Back-To-School Drive
BOMA San Diego is launching the 2022 Back-to-School Drive in partnership with the Monarch School!
It's Budget Season- Buy BOMA!
A Sponsorship Committee Update
Volunteers Needed for BOMA San Diego's Annual Summer Work Party
Sign up to volunteer for the 2022 BOMA Summer Work Party benefiting The San Diego Center for Children.
Heat Island Reduction through Cool Pavement Technology
GuardTop, a BOMA San Diego Annual Supporting Partners, shares educational content on heat island reduction using their CoolSeal technology.
Building Maintenance Based On Seasons
When it comes to exterior building maintenance, many people aren’t aware that the seasons play a major factor in determining the best time to start planning for these services. Preparation is key to successful building preservation and care.
Survey detailing what workers are looking for in a safe and healthy workplace
Looking to welcome your employees back to the office? Read the Cleaning Coalition of America survey, which details what workers are looking for in a safe and healthy workplace.
Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizing: What’s the Difference?
If the pandemic has revealed anything, it is a renewed sense of awareness of how dirty hands can get during the average day. To maintain proper hand hygiene, it is important to understand the difference between hand sanitizing and hand washing.
Rooftop Facade Access Equipment Must Be CAL-OSHA Compliant
The State of California has stringent regulations for the inspection and maintenance of facade access equipment.
Property Manager Story
Renato Vazquez shares his 'Million Dollar Flood' property manager story and tips on how to avoid it.
Five Steps Business Owners Should Take to Keep Workplaces Safe
Since the start of the pandemic, occupational safety managers have needed to stay one step ahead of the crisis to keep businesses running and employees safe. Now, as we begin to emerge from the pandemic, and businesses from Wall Street to Main Street are considering fully reopening the workplace, occupational safety managers need to strengthen their commitment to protecting the long-term health of their employees.
Everything You Need to Know About Public Safety Power Shutoffs
Longer and more extreme seasons not only exacerbate an already volatile fire season, but they also threaten our aging electrical grid in ways that impact every Californian. What’s one way they affect residents and business owners? Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS).
HVAC Fact Check: Are These Common Misconceptions Costing You Money?
What are some of the most common HVAC myths? Read this article to test your current industry knowledge and learn more about the importance of ventilating your space, performing proactive maintenance and what to look for in a great service provider.
Advance Your Career – Earn Your RPA, FMA or CMCP
Are you ready to grow your professional development with BOMI courses that are designed to maximize your property and facility knowledge?
Leading with an Open Mind
A property manager is an expert juggler: staying abreast of all building needs, sourcing contractor support on a need-this-done-yesterday timeframe, responding to and servicing tenants’ many and varied needs, being available to other voices who’d like to be heard, and taking care of a staff of people who may feel overwhelmed.
Factoring in ADA Compliance
Let’s sit down and have a friendly chat about ADA compliance. To many, it can seem like a tangled web of standards and guidelines that seem nearly impossible to translate, much less keep up with.
Don’t let winter drain your energy
Cold weather can be especially tough on building systems and equipment. Often, maintaining a comfortable space can lead to more energy use and higher expenses during winter months.
Did you know that as the season changes and the sun sets earlier in the day, there may be less renewable energy on the grid? This can result in your business relying more on electricity which can lead to changes in your energy bill. If you’d like to stay in control of your energy use, SDG&E has a few timely tips that can help you start saving now.
Increased Rebates From CEMS
The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) program is refreshing rebates in Q4, and many energy-efficiency projects now qualify for even higher cash incentives.
An estimated 25% of businesses don’t open again after a major disaster, according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety. Protect your business by identifying the risks relevant to your location, both natural and man-made. Then, keep your plan of action updated.??
Must-Know California Generator Regulations
Continuing to Evolve the Health and Safety of Your Buildings in This “Next Normal”
While there is a sense of “enough already” about hearing about COVID-19, building owners and managers need to maintain efforts to protect building occupants and continue to demonstrate your commitment to their health and safety. People may be somewhat “over” COVID protocols personally, but they want their building management to still show that you are fully in it. Here are some considerations for continuing forward in this “next normal”
Transitioning Your Fleet to Electric Vehicles
Electric fleets are the future and SDG&E wants to help get you there faster.
Prepare Your Business for the Hot Summer
While much has changed over the past year, one thing has not – the promise of hot summer temperatures. Now is the perfect time to set your business up for summer energy savings success.
Top 10 Tips for Your Next Construction Project
Upcoming Construction? Keep these 10 things in mind as you prepare for work in your building.
Everything You Need to Know about Rental Generators
Like insurance, most people don’t think about rental generators until they have to use them. So, when your electric company announces a planned blackout – or, heaven forbid, it’s 2 a.m. and your power’s suddenly gone – here’s our guide to keeping your building’s lights on with a no-fuss, no-hassle generator rental.
Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Trauma Scene Clean Ups
Trauma scene cleanup is a vague term that can cause some confusion about exactly what it entails. It is a term used to cover many situations that are not all traumas.
Innovative New Electric Vehicle-High Power Plan Offers Bill Stability
Businesses, transit agencies and school districts in the region that are considering making a switch to commercial electric vehicles are now able to take advantage of an innovative pricing plan that makes it possible to reap both financial and environmental benefits by powering their fleet with electricity.
Differences Between a Commercial Unlawful Detainer and a Breach of Lease
If a commercial tenant has failed to make payments under the lease, there are two types of lawsuits that can be filed against them. Here are the major differences between them.
Energy-Saving Tips For Small Businesses
The Touchless Office: An Overview of the Hygienic Trend and Ideas for Implementation
COVID-19 has put hygiene at the forefront of almost any conversation surrounding facilities and property management – it is no longer a passing complaint by a few fussy tenants, it’s an absolute necessity and, in some places, a government ordinance. As efforts to make spaces as safe and hygienic as possible have ramped up over the past months, facilities have taken a closer look at everything from the cleaning staff to the HVAC systems.
Landscape Enhancements
Your property’s commercial landscape is a physical extension of your brand. It has the power to invite, inspire, and welcome guests into your space, a crucial tool for the all-important first impression.
Being a Successful BOMA Leader
It was an honor to be named the BOMA San Diego Ray Magnussen Associate Member of the Year. My fellow 2020 award winners and I earned these prestigious honors for “going above and beyond throughout the year.” Looking back at this past year, here are a few ways we became successful BOMA leaders during this unprecedented time.
Creative Ways to Engage Tenants During the Pandemic
In November of 2019, Cushman & Wakefield was awarded the Property Management Agreement for 550 West – a Class A, 20-story high-rise in Downtown San Diego. From the start, our focus was Tenant retention and appreciation events. We worked diligently to meet with every Tenant within our first 90 days and put together a comprehensive, monthly interaction plan based on feedback received.
Germ-Fighting Paint (and Other Unlikely Surprises)
While painting is not always known for being the most tech-savvy or innovative of trades, every now and then the paint and coating manufacturers surprise us.
Active Shooter – Are You Prepared?
You see it on the news – active shooter events occurring internationally, nationally and regionally; you’ve even trained in anticipation of such an event at your property. But are you, your team and tenants really prepared?
Trees That Go Bad
To live around trees is to inherently assume risk. Trees are living and dynamic, even the smartest of Arborists cannot assure you a tree will never fail. Yet, there are indicators and characteristics of a tree that can point to a higher level of risk or hazard. So, when a tree goes bad, whose fault is it? And how can we save our leafy friends from attacking?
When Disaster Strikes, Is Your Building Emergency Plan Ready?
People tend to assume that emergencies won’t happen in their building…despite regular reports of fires, floods, blackouts, and other disasters.