Section: Trends and Tips
Seasonal Safety Tips from Allied Universal
Now that the holidays are upon us, it's important to take time to enhance your safety culture and safeguard your assets.
Winter Energy-Saving Tips from SDG&E
There are a variety of ways you can reduce costs in your business when it comes to energy.
Emergency Preparedness Manuals
Whether you’re working with an interior committee, or paying an outside firm to develop your Emergency Preparedness plan, you’ll need a budget, and that comes after research.
Don't Miss SDG&E's Fall Classes For Your Business & Home
Whether you’re a trade professional, business owner or homeowner, you can gain basic and advanced skills in green building practices.
Monster Storms Threatening Our Businesses
Catastrophes don’t have to be disasters. Make sure your business has an adequate Emergency Response Plan and practice it.
Make the Switch to Renewable Energy
SDG&E’s EcoChoice program gives you the option to purchase up to 100% clean, renewable energy.
Board of Directors Debrief: Thor Emblem, ABM Industries
Join a committee and enthusiastically participate.
Give the People What They Want
Did you know that nearly 50 percent of United States electric vehicle (EV) sales are in California? Roughly 25,000 of those vehicles are right here in San Diego.
Taking Advantage of Statewide Energy Efficiency & Disclosure
For Building Owners and Managers, it is important to understand the benefits of ongoing energy monitoring, as well as the ever-increasing legal requirements for public energy benchmarking disclosure.
Ask A Property Manager!
Insight and guidance are essential to any Emerging Leader in the CRE industry, and within BOMA San Diego, we have dozens of Property Managers (and their knowledge) right at our fingertips.
Board of Directors Debrief: Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar
BOMA has been incredibly helpful for my professional career in a multitude of ways. I am lucky enough to have been encouraged by a few key individuals to pursue a leadership role within the organization.
Do You Know How Your Business Uses Energy?
Did you know that in 2016 all businesses in San Diego transitioned to a Whenergy® rate plan? It includes electricity pricing based on the time of day (when) electricity is used.
Preparing for Fire Season
If you have not noticed the dry heat and afternoon winds indicate that fire season has officially arrived. The drought-busting wet winter we experienced brought beautiful green hillsides and record wildflower blooms in the spring.
Ask A Property Manager!
Insight and guidance are essential to any Emerging Leader in the CRE industry, and within BOMA San Diego, we have dozens of Property Managers, and their knowledge, right at our fingertips.
Take Advantage of FREE Energy-Related Courses with SDG&E!
Specialized energy efficiency and sustainability courses sharpen your skills, and are a great way for businesses to competitively get ahead. SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center offers over 250 free energy-related courses per year, making it easy to find classes that fit your needs.
Board of Directors Debrief: Mike Nelson, Kilroy Realty Corporation
Being part of a group who has a definite influence on the current and future direction of local CRE programming. The professional development and experience that comes with committee involvement. The ample opportunities for engagement with the CRE community outside of San Diego.
Budgeting for Your HVAC System: Annual Platinum Partners A.O. Reed & Co. Share Insider Tips
Proper and complete testing of the HVAC systems can increase the life expectancy by 25% or more. That said, you should do everything in your power to be properly prepared.
SDG&E's Energy Showcase: May 17
Join SDG&E at the annual Energy Showcase Expo on May 17, 2017!
Insuring Damage Caused by Water: Tips from Cavignac & Associates
Water is essential for survival, but water is also a major cause of damage and destruction.
SDG&E Spurs Energy Storage Innovation with Flow Battery Technology
SDG&E recently unveiled a new vanadium redox flow (VRF) battery storage pilot project in coordination with Sumitomo Electric (SEI), which stemmed from a partnership between Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Development Organization (NEDO) and the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz).
SDG&E's November Update
Heating Up For Winter: Energy-Saving Tips For Businesses
October 2016 Messaging from SDG&E
Preparation is key to getting your business back on track after a disaster. Whether the disruption is due to natural causes, such as a wildfire or earthquake, or other hazards, an emergency response plan can help your business recover faster and limit losses.
Are you building your El Nino Ark yet?
The news is filled with predictions about the El Nino rains and possible flooding in San Diego this winter. So the question is, what have you done as a property manager to prepare your building for possible unprecedented rains? Click here to learn how you can prepare for El Nino.
Landscape Device Rebates
Communities want to save money in their operating budget by cutting back on water consumption. In the past, there have been various rebate programs to cash in on but funds have run out! Read the full article here.
Construction Contracts
An old joke speaks about a contractor who offered an owner a good price, schedule, and quality, as long as the owner only chose two of the three. Putting the joke aside, this article explores the most important construction contract terms.
Disaster Strikes. Are You Ready?
Learn about emergency planning exercises that will positively impact your organization's preparedness. Click here for more information and to register for the FREE webinar: "Disaster strikes. Are you ready?"
Food for Thought
In order to address this growing problem, the state of California passed AB 1826 which will make food waste recycling mandatory. What does this mean for property managers? Click here to learn more.
Installing Solar? Be careful!
Installing solar on your home or building has become the latest trend and "boom" in Southern California. With the 30% tax rebate and the ability to zero out your increasing energy bill, why wouldn't you consider solar right now? Read the full article to find out what you might be overlooking about the installation process.
Take seasonal energy rates into account for your business.
Learn more about seasonal energy rates here.
If you've got a small business, SDG&E has new pricing plans that could save you money.
Learn more here!
SDG&E's no-cost Direct Install program can help your business' bottom line.
Learn more about SDG&E's Direct Install Program here.
Leaflet, Winter 2015 - Why Did My Tree Fail?
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