The Spirit of BOMA’s 2022 International Conference & Expo
Thursday, July 28, 2022
by: Tiyana Smallegan, CBRE

Section: Trends and Tips

“Standing on the shoulders of giants” …how does that apply in your life? As it did for Sir Isaac Newton, this motto encapsulates the value in drawing on the inspiration and understanding of those gone before you. I hold this sentiment close as my greatest achievements and success have been realized as a result of mentors and leaders who have paved the way before me. This is the spirit of the BOMA International Conference & Expo.

As an emerging professional in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, I’d like to share with you the top five reasons that I found upheld this spirit and solidified my justification of the Annual Conference & Expo:

1. I gained a deeper industry awareness where I could learn the current trends & best practices in building management. I received the ability to familiarize myself with up-and-coming technology and new products in the market.
I learned from leaders and experts from across the country during the conference educational sessions. This provided insight into what other buildings and professionals are doing well in and on their properties. Knowledge is power and sharing the wealth is key.


3. I expanded my network of like-minded professionals outside of my local market to nationally and internationally.

4. I gained industry and peer support of leaders/experts/colleagues to share ideas and best practices with.

5. I renewed an inspiration in me to take what I learned and how I was encouraged back to my local market and workplace. Being surrounded by various schools of thought and an abundance of talent will do that to you!

I came away from BOMA 2022 with a burn for growth and sparkle for change. Being surrounded by raw talent and counsel of those gone before me reminded me that change CAN begin with me. Oftentimes, it can feel as though circumstances can’t change or that whatever you’re facing “is what it is”. But being with people who are excited about what they get to do every day and are eager to share their experiences and knowledge was so encouraging. The educational sessions with fellow Property Managers sharing post-pandemic lessons learned and impromptu conversations on the expo floor with technology experts alike were moments that reminded me of the gift it is to be able to learn from one another. This spirit of change and enthusiasm charged on as we convened at the Music City Center to hear from the highly anticipated keynote speakers Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company and Ginny Clarke, CEO of Ginny Clarke, LLC. I was encouraged here to lead courageously, stand for the extraordinary and to believe in the power of people. This experience taught me that while growth is often quiet, sometimes it’s loud and in the arena with others who desire to see you flourish. Growth is necessary and it’s always sweeter “standing on the shoulders of giants”. Thank you BOMA 2022.

Questions & Answers:


  • For Property Managers that are interested in attending the Expo, what reasons can you give to help justify the investment to ownership?
  • The Educational Sessions are directly related to your Real Estate work in the areas of Asset Value, Portfolio Management, Environmental Responsibility & Technology/Innovation
  • The ideas/strategies/products presented on the Expo Floor can be taken back to the properties your team manages
  • Connections made at the BOMA Annual Conference are on a larger scale (nationally and internationally). The network growth that happens positively impacts not only yourself, but your employer and client as it widens your connectivity and resource base
  • As an Emerging Professional, how did you benefit from attending the Expo?
    • I came away from the Annual Conference with a renewed sense of inspiration and excitement for the career path I am on. I found that the more I heard from fellow industry peers on their personal journeys in CRE and how we are all “unfinished products” sharpening one another, I became more confident in my abilities and path. I gained a new perspective, grew my network, found resources and solutions, and got to understand our industry from a wider point of view.
  • What scholarships did you apply for?

    • J. Michael Coleman Scholarship

    •  Pacific Southwest BOMA Emerging Young Leaders Scholarship

Thank you to Tiyana Smallegan of CBRE for this educational content! Congratulations again on winning the J. Michael Coleman Scholarship for Emerging Professionals.

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