Building Maintenance Based On Seasons
Thursday, May 19, 2022
by: Mariah Soliman, South Shore Building Services

Section: Trends and Tips

When it comes to exterior building maintenance, many people aren't aware that the seasons play a major factor in determining the best time to start planning for these services. Preparation is key to successful building preservation and care. The following are exterior cleaning services based on seasonality, and reasons why they should be planned ahead of time. 

1. Window & Control/Expansion Joint Caulking

Caulk is a flexible material that is used to seal or reseal cracks and gaps along window edges or joints between fixed building components. This helps prevent water and air leakage. So when would be the best time to get this service done?

The short answer is any time before or after the rainy season. It would be best to start leak detections in the fall months, so you can allocate time to schedule caulking services if needed. Getting this service completed early in the year is an advantage because waiting until leaks are already happening can be a liability. 

2. Window & Metal Restoration

Sometimes windows need more than just washing. For instance, on the lower levels of buildings, there's typically more water damage displayed on windows from calcium & dust buildup due to sprinkler systems. On some windows - especially high-rise buildings - there's water buildup towards the bottom edges due to the rain splashing from the sills. The same issues arise with metal structures on buildings. 

The best time to get restoration services would be spring and fall because it's not too hot or rainy. Avoiding the rainy season is pretty self-explanatory; however, if a restoration service is done during the hot summer months, there's risk of damaging the windows. When you have cold water on very hot glass, it runs the risk of glass crackling. Similarly, when applying polishing compounds to hot metal surfaces, the heat inhibits this process. Liquids evaporate quicker, making the work not only less effective but more time-consuming and costly. Our advice would be to have a consult before thinking about replacing your windows because restoration services could cut your cost in half. 

2. Interior Window Cleaning

The best season to get this service done is actually during the rainy season. This is the most convenient time to get this service, especially if you planned ahead with your exterior services. Interior window cleaning in the rainy season allows you to spread out the exterior maintenance accordingly for time and budget purposes. It is also the time we have more labor availability since exterior production slows down during these winter months. 

Ultimately, planning is key. Having regular maintenance will help you stay on top of things and prevent long-term damage. Knowing when to schedule these services will allow you to save time, money, and avoid hassle moving forward.