Leading with an Open Mind
Tuesday, November 23, 2021
by: Julie Hogan, CCS Facility Services

Section: Trends and Tips

A property manager is an expert juggler: staying abreast of all building needs, sourcing contractor support on a need-this-done-yesterday timeframe, responding to and servicing tenants’ many and varied needs, being available to other voices who’d like to be heard, and taking care of a staff of people who may feel overwhelmed. (If you majored in psychology and business, good for you!) Add to that the now 18-month-long (with an unclear end date) response to (and rewriting of) COVID-19 protocols, and a PM can start to feel overwhelmed. 

But you are not alone: you have a team in the building who needs to understand your vision for the property and help you advance that vision. And advancing a vision means you need the WIFM: the What’s In It for Me value proposition.

How to deploy the WIFM value proposition? As you continue to evolve your building protocols, signage, communications, access points, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera in this never-ending “next normal,” you can’t just dictate from on high. Bring your building staff into decision making with you. Work through scenarios together. Show that you respect their perspectives and opinions. Give them autonomy to (professionally) enforce the rules, but ensure they know you have their backs when needed. Show that, by strategizing and working together in lockstep, you can provide the safest, best experience for your building occupants – and your staff are building occupants, too! Lead with an open mind and your efforts will not be in vain. 

Thank you to CCS Facility Services, a 2021 BOMA San Diego Annual Supporting Partner, for providing this educational content!