Top 10 Tips for Your Next Construction Project
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
by: Shelby Ballow, Dowling Construction

Section: Trends and Tips

Upcoming Construction? Keep these 10 things in mind as you prepare for work in your building. 

  1. Providing a detailed plan ensures a smooth process from bidding to completion.
  2. Send in your building standards, Rules & Regulations, and insurance requirements with the RFP.
  3. Build these “delays” into your timeline:
    • Permit issuance takes anywhere from 8-12 weeks from submittal.
    • Timely frame lead time is 8-12 weeks from date of order.
    • Specialty lights run 8+ weeks.
    • Elongated schedules due to social distancing requirements.
  4. Asbestos testing is required per APCD Rule 1206 regardless of building age or permit status.
  5. Ensure your building stays clean during the course of construction. Contractors should have site prep to protect finishes and at-minimum a weekly cleaning included in their proposal.
  6. Know the difference between before & after-hours work—it can save you money! 
    • Ex: Small demo, shooting track, coring, etc. can be done before office hours without incurring a premium fee. Painting in occupied suites should be bid after-hours and will be an additional cost.
  7. Kick off meetings are a great way to exchange contact information and establish a chain of command. Double check that everyone is working from the same set of plans during this meeting.
  8. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings help keep everyone on track and aware of project progress. Meeting minutes are a handy way to make sure everyone heard the same items and understands what their action items are prior to the next meeting. Minutes should be out within 24 hours of this meeting.
  9. Get a detailed close out package at the end of the project. Close out packages should include a copy of the proposal & any change orders, copies of warranties and lien releases, finish specifications and/or samples, As-builts, O&Ms, and a list of vendors who worked on the project with contact information.
  10. If the Owner entity is listed as the refundable party on the permit, the Contractor should provide you with receipts so you can apply for and receive your C&D deposit refund from the City.

Thank you to Dowling Construction, a 2021 BOMA San Diego Annual Supporting Partner, for providing this educational content!