Rooftop Facade Access Equipment Must Be CAL-OSHA Compliant
Monday, March 28, 2022
by: Meagan Randazzo, Facade Equipment Inspection Services (FEIS)

Section: Trends and Tips

The State of California has stringent regulations for the inspection and maintenance of facade access equipment. This equipment can more commonly be referred to as:  PI (Permanent Installation) system, swing stage, scaffolding, socket and davits, anchors, or a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) system. In order for any vendor to use a building's facade access equipment, the state mandates that a Cal-OSHA SIT (Scaffold Inspection & Testing Agent) certify the safety of all equipment prior to use. This annual SIT inspection must be carried out by a SIT certified company that employs trained and certified technicians.

FAQs About SIT Inspections:
What does an SIT Inspection entail? 
  • An SIT (Scaffold Inspection & Testing Agent) Inspection allows an SIT Certified company to inspect and test all facade access equipment. The inspection  ensures that all facade access equipment is SAFE and CODE COMPLIANT.
What is an SIT inspection company?
  • An SIT company has been vetted by Cal-OSHA (Division of Occupational Safety &Health) to ensure it has the necessary experience and qualifications for this very specific and unique industry. Each SIT company is given an individual SIT license number.
What is the difference between an Annual Inspection and a 30-Day Pre-Use?
  • Annual Inspections are required each year by Cal-OSHA to ensure the safety and code compliance of all rooftop facade access equipment.
  • A 30-Day Pre Use must be completed on buildings with PI’s (Permanent Installation) or a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit), prior to maintenance. A 30-Day Pre Use must be completed on a PI or BMU building if window washing or maintenance continues more than 30 days beyond the Annual SIT Inspection date; or if, reoccurring.
What is an OPOS (Operating Procedure Outline Sheet)?
  • An OPOS is a document developed by an SIT company that illustrates the proper usage, procedure and set up of window washing equipment for safe use. Cal-OSHA requires that all buildings over 36 feet in height provide an OPOS when certain conditions are presented.
When is an SIT Inspection necessary?
  • Any building with roof top equipment used for facade access is required to pass an annual SIT inspection, regardless of use.

An SIT Inspection is necessary if the following conditions are met:
  1. If the building has window washing equipment and/or anchorage points for facade access, then it should be inspected annually.
  2. If the building's facade access equipment does not possess an annual inspection certificate from the previous year.
    • If facade access equipment includes davits, swing stage, or any other equipment used for exterior maintenance, it is a good indicator that an SIT Inspection is necessary.
    • If the building has hazards that need to be addressed, repaired, or rectified (i.e. fall hazards, broken or unused equipment), then it’s in need of an SIT Inspection.