Creative Ways to Engage Tenants During the Pandemic
Monday, December 14, 2020
by: Allegra Renard

Section: Trends and Tips

In November of 2019, Cushman & Wakefield was awarded the Property Management Agreement for 550 West – a Class A, 20-story high-rise in Downtown San Diego. From the start, our focus was Tenant retention and appreciation events. We worked diligently to meet with every Tenant within our first 90 days and put together a comprehensive, monthly interaction plan based on feedback received. Our team was excited to implement this program in March 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic halted our ability to proceed as anticipated. The health and safety of our Tenants is paramount, and we looked forward to a unified focus on helping with the transition from the home office back into the workplace. 
I think all Property Managers agree that occasionally you must fall back and punt,” so we reworked our goals to accommodate the ever-changing information received daily. Our first step was to begin sending monthly newsletters to keep Tenants apprised on the progress of building operations and improvements. We also included the steps we had taken to make 550 West as safe as possible for those who were essential personnel and still arriving at the building each day.
During this unprecedented time, this simple communication helped us to build relationships with our new Tenants and allow them to get to know us better. We included fun local facts about San Diego and monthly holidays, virtual contests with gift card prizes and a Meet Your Management Team” section. Topics such as “what we’re reading,” “current takeout obsessions,” “our engineers’ favorite tools,” and “if one of our security directors was entrapped in an elevator what would be the one song they could listen to on repeat,” are just some of the items included.
When the stay at home order was lifted, we had to become even more creative with ways to host events that the Tenants were accustomed to while practicing social distancing. A few of the ideas we implemented are listed below (masks required, and sanitizer provided):
  • National Sunscreen Day – Individual branded sunscreen bottles were delivered at the front door of each suite
  • Summer Swag Bags – Branded recyclable water bottles, sandless towels and touchless keys rings were delivered to the front door of each suite.
  • Ice Cream Social – Distancing – Individually wrapped ice cream treats were served in our large outdoor plaza.
  • Summer Concert Series – Live music in the plaza every Wednesday in August during lunch to allow the tenants to get some fresh air and sunshine.
  • Pick a Pumpkin – Bins of pumpkins were placed in the plaza for tenants to pick up and take home to carve with their families.
  • Don’t be Shy, Grab Some Pie – Individually boxed pumpkin, pecan and apple crumble pies were available for pick in the lobby after lunch.
I understand that not all properties have a large promotional budget, so I highly recommend reaching out to your vendors to see if they would like to partner with you or sponsor tenant engagement opportunities. Something as simple as delivering poinsettias for Tenants to take home for the holiday can go a very long way, especially this year where we could all use some extra cheer.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or want to bounce around a few ideas.
I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!