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BOMA San Diego Call For 2023 Board of Director Nominations
Riverwalk San Diego Development: Transit-Friendly Mixed Use Neighborhood
San Diego’s newest $3 billion, 200-acre development project called Riverwalk San Diego will take the place of the underused Riverwalk golf course in Mission Valley.
April Quarterly CRE Update - Seaport Village Redevelopment
Seaport Village has been a San Diego staple since 1980, when it first opened. Over 40 years later, there are talks of a major overhaul.
Event Recap - January Luncheon
To kick off the year, the Programs and Seminars committee hosted the January Membership Meeting virtually, and continued the annual tradition of announcing the Public Official of the Year Award.
7 Ways to Reduce Your Business's Heating Bill
Winter Energy-Saving Tips For The Office
January CRE Update – Kearny Mesa Plan
Kearny Mesa is one of the most popular business districts in San Diego County. This centrally-located neighborhood is home to a variety of businesses including restaurants, small businesses, local news stations, and commercial industrial parks and mid-rise buildings.
January CRE Update – UCSD Blue Line Trolley
The UCSD Mid-Coast Blue Line trolley extension took its inaugural voyage on November 21, 2021. This new expansion connects the San Ysidro station at the Tijuana border all the way up to the UTC Transit Center, adding nine new trolley stations along the route.
Riverwalk San Diego Development: Transit-Friendly Mixed Use Neighborhood
San Diego’s newest $3 billion, 200-acre development project called Riverwalk San Diego will take the place of the underused Riverwalk golf course in Mission Valley.
Welcome Members
Welcome back BOMA San Diego members!
San Diego’s Commercial Real Estate Happenings: A Quarterly Update
San Diego has some incredible real estate projects in the making right now – from Downtown’s biotech scene to the full demolition of SDCCU Stadium (make way for the Aztecs!).
No-Cost and Low-Cost Energy Tips For The Office
When you run a business, controlling your costs is a priority. Here are some easy tips to help reduce your energy use and bills.
Office Workspace Reimagined
In many cases, the way in which office spaces are used is going to change. The timeframe for workers returning to office buildings remains fluid and ultimately comes down to individual company decisions. In general, the schedule to return to offices en masse is likely to mirror the overall reopening of the statewide economy. The behavioral changes influenced by COVID-19 also remain uncertain. However, it is clear that health and safety concerns will take center stage at the workplace.
Meet Andrew Guerra!
Meet Andrew Guerra! Andrew has helped commercial and industrial customers save thousands of MWh in energy, obtain millions of dollars in utility incentives, and achieve their sustainability goals through utility incentive programs.
Meet Andrew Guerra!
Andrew has helped commercial and industrial customers save thousands of MWh in energy, obtain millions of dollars in utility incentives, and achieve their sustainability goals through utility incentive programs.
Everything You Need to Know about Rental Generators
Like insurance, most people don’t think about rental generators until they have to use them. Here’s our guide to keeping your building’s lights on with a no-fuss, no-hassle generator rental.
2021 Jack Moshgat Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to Isaac Warner of American Assets Trust! Isaac is this year’s BOMA San Diego Jack Moshgat Scholarship winner. While a newer BOMA San Diego member, Isaac was an active member of BOMA Greater Minneapolis for nearly 8 years and has already committed to helping our chapter revamp the TOBY program.
No one should go hungry. So, BOMA San Diego is once again partnering with the San Diego Food Bank to host a series of Food Drives to help San Diegans in need. Last year we raised $3,203. Let’s beat that goal in 2021!

Your help is needed to support the Food Bank’s Covid-19 Response Programs as well as ongoing programs to feed San Diegans experiencing food insecurity.

This year there are THREE ways to give:
1.Drive thru and drop off donations;
2. Volunteer your time; or
3. Donate online.
2021 Commercial Real Estate Outlook: The Future of Offices, Leasing, Work-from-Home, and More!
The State of California has entered the Orange Tier with a possible 100% opening of the economy slated for June 15 per Governor Gavin Newsom.

What does this mean for commercial and industrial office buildings? Find out at BOMA San Diego’s May Membership Meeting on Tuesday, May 11 at 12pm. A panel of brokers and an economist will share their insights and predictions for the impacts on the market. This is a discussion you won’t want to miss!
Take Advantage of SDG&E’s No-cost Trainings From Energy Experts
Did you know that SDG&E provides webinars for business owners and trade professionals, and most are at no cost? You or your employees can learn about the latest in green building practices, technology and energy-saving solutions from experts in the industry.
Is SealCoating Really Worth It? You Bet Your Asphalt It Is!
From the time new asphalt is installed a maintenance plan should be put into place. In this article, GuardTop LLC addresses the multiple maintenance options property owners and managers can come across and why sealcoating might offer the best protection.
BOMA’s 1st Lunch and Learn of 2021!
On Tuesday, March 23rd, the Membership and Emerging Leaders committee hosted BOMA’s first virtual lunch and learn of the year. The lunch was sponsored solely by Melanie Bamba Milinkevich of RSI Roofing.
The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions program is offering increased cash incentives for energy-saving projects
The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) program is offering increased cash incentives in Q2 for energy-saving projects involving the installation of new, high-efficiency equipment or systems. As the state begins to reopen, there is no better time to tap into the financial and technical benefits of energy efficiency.
Download the 2021 Annual Supporting Partner Directory
BOMA San Diego would like to thank our very generous Annual Supporting Partners for their unrelenting support as our organization continues to ride the wave of the pandemic. Their commitment to our industry, our mission, and this year’s theme of “Building Resilience” is exemplary.
Everyone Wins with Energy Efficiency Improvements
Everyone wins with energy efficiency improvements at commercial spaces. Lower utility costs, increased property values and reduced tenant turnover are some of the many potential benefits of installing energy upgrades for your building.
Commercial Eviction Moratorium Approved by San Diego City Council
Renew Your 2021 Membership Today!
Holiday Gift Drive Bin Locations
SDG&E Releases Sustainability Strategy to Advance Carbon Neutrality
Amid the growing urgency to address climate change and its impacts, San Diego Gas & Electric released a comprehensive sustainability strategy with aspirational goals in the areas of environmental stewardship, clean transportation, grid modernization, community engagement and company operations to support California’s clean energy ambitions.
Large Commercial and Multifamily Building Energy Benchmarking Now Required in City of San Diego
Initiative to Repeal Parts of Iconic Prop 13 Qualifies for November Ballot
An initiative that would result in higher property taxes for commercial and industrial property to provide additional funding for local governments, schools and community colleges has qualified for the November ballot. This initiative would allow for annual, unlimited reassessment of commercial and industrial properties to their fair market values.
Overcoming Irrigation Damage in Commercial Landscaping
When the temperature rises, we sweat, our dogs pant and our plants transpire to cool down. Landscape maintenance professionals may not typically describe plants as “sweating” but that is essentially what’s happening.
Four Ways to Practice Social Distancing “BOMA Style”
Why a Real Estate Degree Really Matters
When we examine the major donors to worthwhile causes, especially schools of business within universities, why are some of the largest donors so often real estate professionals?
Member Dollars at Work | Essential Workers
BOMA’s advocacy team has been working with our partners at other BOMA locals and business organizations and within labor to ask for clarification on the classification of essential works during the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, Governor Newsom updated the list of essential services and we believe this now clears-up the ambiguity and covers all the essential workers from our CRE sector.
Business Development Department Welcomes Kristin Howell and Dustin Sutton
Both Mrs. Howell and Mr. Sutton are excited to bring their extensive experience to Meissner Jacquet’s Business Development Department.
February 2020 BOMA Luncheon Recap
The February BOMA San Diego luncheon marked my first luncheon as a BOMA member.
High-Performance Training for High-Performance Real Estate Teams
I would recommend this class to anyone interested in furthering their career in property management. The series of classes teach the foundation of property management and encompass the commercial real estate industry as a whole.
February President's Message
With the year 2020 being such a landmark year and the start of a new decade, it’s only fitting that we arm our membership with insight and explore what the future of commercial real estate has in store for us. With ever-evolving market trends, economic factors and local regulatory issues at the forefront, you can count on BOMA San Diego to help put these impacts into perspective for you.
Shelby Ballow's Key to Being a Successful BOMA San Diego Member
Over the past three years, I went from knowing no one in BOMA to recognizing a majority of our members. How did I do this? By saying yes and being vocal.
New Member Spotlight: Jacob Hall
Hall started working in the landscape industry a year and a half ago and decided to join BOMA to build relationships and his industry knowledge.
Building Systems and Facilities Have You Scratching Your Head? Have We Got Answers for You!
We’ll be offering The Design, Operation & Maintenance of Building Systems I in February and Fundamentals of Facilities Management in March.
Mexico Border Wait
I recently spent a weekend in Mexico which was great. The food, the people, the places were all great. The one thing that makes a trip into Mexico almost unbearable, though, is the line to pass through the San Ysidro Border Crossing upon your return.
2019 BOMA Holiday Gift Drive - Participating Locations
Best Practices in Water Heating
When your turn on your faucet or shower, have you ever wondered how you actually get hot water? Ever consider how fast it happens, or how hot the water is? It’s all thanks to your water heater.
BOMA Leadership Spotlight: Kristin Howell
Over the past 12 years, Kristin has contributed to the growth and prosperity of our Organization having served in various leadership positions throughout her tenure in BOMA as well as in her career at Meissner Jacquet.
BOMA Executive Team Meets with Congressman
The BOMA San Diego team discussed with the congressman some of the issues facing the commercial real estate industry today.
CPR Class Breaks Records
"As a parent, I've always been uneasy about my lack of CPR and first aid training. I've taken a couple of courses in the past, but nothing has resonated with me as this course did."
New Member Spotlight – Dustin Sutton
Like many managers I have met through the years, Dustin Sutton did not originally aspire for a career in property management. Over 15 years ago, he found himself at a crossroads in life. He thought about attending law school but changed his mind.
August Luncheon Recap
Insightful and inspiring sums up the past August luncheon.
Successful Summer Work Party
“It’s amazing what a volunteer work party can accomplish with everyone putting in some of their own time on a Saturday. It really is encouraging to see how much people care and their willingness to roll up their sleeves. I’ll be signing up for future work parties with BOMA!” - Meghan Stock