Section: News Roundup
February President's Message
With the year 2020 being such a landmark year and the start of a new decade, it’s only fitting that we arm our membership with insight and explore what the future of commercial real estate has in store for us. With ever-evolving market trends, economic factors and local regulatory issues at the forefront, you can count on BOMA San Diego to help put these impacts into perspective for you.
BOMA Leadership Spotlight: Thor Emblem
"I feel that BOMA is very important for the commercial real estate industry and I felt that I could contribute to the direction of BOMA in a positive way."
BOMA San Diego Joins the Fight for Prop 13 to Stop Higher Property Taxes
For more than 40 years, Prop 13 has provided property tax certainty to homeowners, renters and businesses. Under Prop 13,
general property taxes for both residential and business properties are calculated based on 1% of the purchase price. Annual
increases in property valuations are capped at 2% per year, which helps provide certainty to homeowners and businesses that
they will be able to afford their property in the future.
Shelby Ballow's Key to Being a Successful BOMA San Diego Member
Over the past three years, I went from knowing no one in BOMA to recognizing a majority of our members. How did I do this? By saying yes and being vocal.
New Member Spotlight: Jacob Hall
Hall started working in the landscape industry a year and a half ago and decided to join BOMA to build relationships and his industry knowledge.
Building Systems and Facilities Have You Scratching Your Head? Have We Got Answers for You!
We’ll be offering The Design, Operation & Maintenance of Building Systems I in February and Fundamentals of Facilities Management in March.
Mexico Border Wait
I recently spent a weekend in Mexico which was great. The food, the people, the places were all great. The one thing that makes a trip into Mexico almost unbearable, though, is the line to pass through the San Ysidro Border Crossing upon your return.
BOMA San Diego Names 2019 Membership Awards Winners
2019 BOMA Holiday Gift Drive - Participating Locations
Best Practices in Water Heating
When your turn on your faucet or shower, have you ever wondered how you actually get hot water? Ever consider how fast it happens, or how hot the water is? It’s all thanks to your water heater.
BOMA Leadership Spotlight: Kristin Howell
Over the past 12 years, Kristin has contributed to the growth and prosperity of our Organization having served in various leadership positions throughout her tenure in BOMA as well as in her career at Meissner Jacquet.
BOMA Executive Team Meets with Congressman
The BOMA San Diego team discussed with the congressman some of the issues facing the commercial real estate industry today.
CPR Class Breaks Records
"As a parent, I've always been uneasy about my lack of CPR and first aid training. I've taken a couple of courses in the past, but nothing has resonated with me as this course did."
New Member Spotlight – Dustin Sutton
Like many managers I have met through the years, Dustin Sutton did not originally aspire for a career in property management. Over 15 years ago, he found himself at a crossroads in life. He thought about attending law school but changed his mind.
August Luncheon Recap
Insightful and inspiring sums up the past August luncheon.
Successful Summer Work Party
“It’s amazing what a volunteer work party can accomplish with everyone putting in some of their own time on a Saturday. It really is encouraging to see how much people care and their willingness to roll up their sleeves. I’ll be signing up for future work parties with BOMA!” - Meghan Stock