Section: News Roundup
Successful Summer Work Party
“It’s amazing what a volunteer work party can accomplish with everyone putting in some of their own time on a Saturday. It really is encouraging to see how much people care and their willingness to roll up their sleeves. I’ll be signing up for future work parties with BOMA!” - Meghan Stock
One Paseo New BOMA Member Experience
My professional experience at One Paseo’s mixer with Kilroy Realty was amazing! As a new member to BOMA this was a phenomenal opportunity to network with property managers, learn the history of One Paseo’s development and collaborate with other vendors in the commercial real estate market.
Ways to Become a Principal Member of BOMA San Diego
You always hear about the benefits of joining BOMA San Diego, but have you actually jumped in to see for yourself? Are you a Property Manager willing to join, but don’t have the support from upper management? Below are a few tips and suggestions on advocating your case to join!

Faces of BOMA | Nicole Murphy Schuck
Meet Nicole Murphy Schuck of CBRE. Nicole currently serves on the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors as a Member-at-Large. Over the past few years, Nicole has grown from being an emerging leader in the commercial real estate industry to becoming a Real Estate Manager for one of the largest property management firms in San Diego.
Faces of BOMA | Glenn Martin
Meet Glenn Martin of John Hancock. Chances are already met him if you’ve attended any of our BOMA San Diego events over the past few years.
Faces of BOMA | Ryan Burrow
You have likely seen his smiling face and orange attire at a luncheon or committee meeting. He currently serves on the Board of Directors as a Member-at-Large and volunteers on countless committees. Say hello to Ryan Burrow of LandCare.
Giving blood is a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference in the lives of others.
Giving blood is a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference in the lives of others. Join BOMA San Diego on Friday, June 14 from 9am-2pm and make a blood donation at our annual Blood Drive.
SDG&E Business Rebates
Several products offered through SDG&E’s Business Rebates program are provided at no cost or at a discount for qualified customers.
Save the Date: Behind the Scenes at One Paseo
Join us for some summertime fun at the June BOMA Emerging Leader’s Mixer!

We're going to get a behind-the-scenes look at San Diego’s newest residential, retail and dining experience, One Paseo. The campus offers 286,000 SF of Class-A office space, 96,000 SF of retail and 608 luxury apartments.
Building Energy Benchmarking Deadline Approaching
June 1, 2019 is the deadline to submit your report for California Energy Commission’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program. Assembly Bill 802 (Chapter 590, Statutes 2015) directed the Energy Commission to create a state-wide building energy use benchmarking and public disclosure program for certain buildings.
Happy Employees Are Safe Employees
Companies have to commit to a Culture of Safety, and that tone has to come from the top of an organization. In our organization, we have found that safety and employee morale go hand in hand. To invest in safety, one has to invest equally in employee morale. Happy employees are less likely to be injured and are also incentivized to return to work should an injury occur.
Urinals and Pay-As-You-Go Elevators (Or “Pee and Pay”)
Ladies, you can skip the first part of this column as it really doesn’t relate to you. Honest, it doesn’t. It’s all potty talk. GUY potty talk.
Looking for Professional Growth?
BOMA San Diego is your best resource for professional growth—because no matter where you are in your career, BOMA helps you grow your knowledge and skills and connects you with the people who can help you advance.
Maintaining your Plumbing Systems
Everyone knows that you need to maintain your HVAC systems! Let us tell you why it’s just as important to maintain your Plumbing systems!
Get Published Today!
Thank you very much to all of our BOMA San Diego members who provide content for the Monthly News Bulletin! We appreciate all of your help and look forward to publishing more features and updates on our membership and the commercial real estate industry.
I'm Feeling Gruntled
English is a strange language. Not only can words be spelled similarly but pronounced completely differently (through, cough, though, rough…), but we also have words for which we use the negative, but not the positive. Let me explain.
Savings with a View
The warm, sunny days are coming. With all this sunshine, a few things are to be expected: Instagram worthy sunsets, beach days, and complaints about hot window offices. Yep. If one of your properties includes window offices or any place that people sit in front of windows for long periods of time… someone will complain
BOMA Advocacy - Local, State and Federal Updates
With the Congressional session in full swing back east, there are a few issues that BOMA International is following. These include: ADA lawsuit reform (e.g. right to fix at the federal level), Qualified Improvement Properties (fixes to the tax code to allow for a change to the depreciation of tenant improvements from 39 years to 15 years) and the Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction (re-establishing the 179D tax incentive for energy efficient retrofits and making it permanent in the tax code).
Maximize Your Membership Breakfast Mixer
As a new member of BOMA and newly serving on the Membership Committee, I’d like to share some of my thoughts on the recent New Member Breakfast Mixer.
Enhance your business with better lighting through March 31
There’s never been a better time to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting. With advanced technology that can lower your bills over time, instant rebates make lighting products more affordable.
Get Educated: Foundations of WHAT?
Welcome to spring, and a plethora of educational opportunities coming up this year! Our BOMA San Diego education committee invites you to join us for "Foundations of Real Estate Management" - an annual course starting Friday, April 26th.
Foursomes for the Upcoming Bogey Nights Golf Tournament are Officially Sold Out!
Bummed you won’t be groovin’ at RBI? Consider taking on the Title Sponsorship—includes four-player registrations, branded giveaway item for every player, opening remarks at the tournament and additional marketing exposure.
Turn Your Data into a Competitive Advantage
When it comes to operating a commercial property successfully, luck has nothing to do with it. It takes know-how, a bit of number crunching, and most importantly, access to the most comprehensive and trusted benchmarking information in the industry: BOMA’s Office EER and Industrial EER.
Enroll Today for BOMA International’s Webinar on Crisis Event Response and Recovery Access (CERRA)
BOMA International is partnering with the Department of Homeland Security to provide members with access to a new re-entry program which supports state and local efforts to enable the successful transit and access of critical response and recovery resources before, during, and after emergencies, regardless of incident size.
Boost Your Career with the New CMCP Certification
Looking to take your career in commercial real estate to the next level? If you’ve acquired foundational experience and knowledge as a commercial real estate professional, the Certified Manager of Commercial PropertiesTM (CMCPTM) certification should be your next step to validate your knowledge and ensure your career success.
Acronyms should be DOA
Question: Which of the following are acronyms?
1. CIA
2. FBI
Save Yourself the Headache, Hire a GC
As a Property Manager, you are constantly juggling multiple tasks while simultaneously managing people and maintaining positive relationships with your tenants.
Faces of BOMA- Bri Johnson, Makai West
Hello, my name is Bri, and this is my story of how and why I joined BOMA, along with some of the success and fails along the way. I joined BOMA when I started working for Makai West. Makai West is a big advocate of BOMA. They are very supportive of my active participation with BOMA.
New Safety Requirements from the City of San Diego
Effective April 2nd, the Department of Developmental Services will require fire alarm and sprinkler plans be submitted in order to obtain a building permit.
Apply for the 2019 Pacific Southwest BOMA Emerging Young Leaders Scholarship Today!
Apply for the 2019 Pacific Southwest BOMA Emerging Young Leaders Scholarship and win a trip to the BOMA International Annual Conference
Committees Bring You ROI
Volunteering on a committee is the best way to build relationships within BOMA San Diego. Committees plan networking events, educational programs and seminars, and advocacy efforts related to the commercial real estate industry.
Apply for Jack Moshgat Scholarship Today!
As 2019 rolls in, it’s time to take stock of your current status as a commercial real estate professional. Are you on a forward moving trajectory, or are you stuck in a career rut?
Faces of BOMA- Teresa Henning
Meet Teresa Henning of American Assets Trust. Teresa currently participates as a chair of Awards & Scholarships and Emergency Preparedness.
Expand Your Professional Circle
In commercial real estate, it’s often who you know that can impact your business, your career and your future. A BOMA membership opens the door to a global network of professionals that can help you advance your goals.
What Has BOMA Done for You Lately?
Every year, BOMA International is out in front providing members like you with the tools and information you need to turn challenges into opportunities
BOMA Celebrates Local TOBY Awards
Last month BOMA San Diego celebrated its Annual TOBY and Membership Awards Gala at the San Diego Zoo.
Community Service Year in Review
The Community Service committee focused their attention on drivers that would increase charity visibility for the organization and support long lasting relationships with BOMA community partners.
Faces of BOMA- Melanie Bamba Milinkevich, RSI Roofing & Solar
I joined BOMA in 2015, and I have to first year was pretty bleak. I only knew a few people. I went to luncheons, sponsored a tee at the golf tournament, and ultimately joined both Finance and the Special Events Committee. At the end of 2015, the board was looking for a new Special Events Chair.
BOMA Holiday Gift Drive- Participating Locations
BOMA Holiday Gift Drive

If you are interested in donating a new and unwrapped gift or a gift card for the Holiday Gift Drive, visit one of these participating locations
BOMA San Diego 2018 TOBY & Membership Awards Winners
Congratulations to all of the 2018 BOMA San Diego TOBY & Membership Awards Winners!
Cavignac & Associates Selected by IIABA as “Best Practices” Agency for Eleventh Straight Year
Downtown San Diego-based risk management firm is once again named
among elite group of firms awarded the prestigious designation in 2018
Rule 1206: YES, it Applies to You!
San Diego County adopted Rule 1206 last November, but it has taken some time for the information to make the rounds in the CRE industry.
Faces of BOMA
I work for A.O. Reed & Co (a local mechanical contractor specializing in HVAC, plumbing, sheet metal and pipefitting). I’ve worked the Company for 15 years, and I am a HVAC maintenance salesperson.
BOMA San Diego Voters Guide | Your Voice. Your Vote
It’s that time of year, and absentee ballots are now being sent to voters in the State of California. There are a number of races and initiatives that could impact the commercial real estate industry. Here’s a brief synopsis of some of the election issues and candidates BOMA San Diego and our state coalition have been following.
New California Law Will Clean Up Janitorial Service Industry
Warning! As a facilities manager concerned about janitorial services, don’t get trapped by this under-reported provision in California’s new Property Service Workers Protection Act: Your company could be fined $10,000 for contracting with an unregistered janitorial company.
Measuring Financial Performance with BOMA
BOMA San Diego provided students the opportunity to learn about Asset Management topics ranging from financial audits, investment portfolio diversification, asset planning and much more at a recent BOMI education course.
New Members Join BOMA for 15 for 12
During the month of October, new members can join BOMA San Diego and get 15 months of membership for the price of 12!
Host a Principal Nominee
BOMA San Diego's Awards Gala "Evening Under the Stars at the San Diego Zoo" is quickly approaching on Saturday, November 10.
BOMA's Drive to Spread Holiday Cheer
To gear up for this year’s Holiday Drive, the Community Service Committee would like to reflect on last year’s amazing outcome! BOMA collected a total of 13,504 gifts and 313 gift cards totaling $5,735.
Faces of BOMA- Lynn Hulbert
Meet Lynn Hulbert of Providien Property Management. Lynn is one of our most recognized leaders, and currently serves on the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors as our Immediate Past President.
Nominate Your Peers for a Membership Award Today!
The Annual Membership & TOBY Awards Gala is the biggest BOMA San Diego event of the year, and to make it even more exciting, this year’s gathering will be held at the San Diego Zoo – hear us roar! To create a truly memorable evening, we need your participation in selecting our stand-out BOMA San Diego members of 2018.
Why Are Summer Energy Bills So High?
It’s been hotter than normal for longer periods of time and people have been using a lot of energy to keep their homes and businesses cool. In fact, the average temperature of nearly 80 degrees in July was the hottest month ever recorded in California’s history.
Why Are Summer Energy Bills So High?
It’s been hotter than normal for longer periods of time and people have been using a lot of energy to keep their homes and businesses cool. In fact, the average temperature of nearly 80 degrees in July was the hottest month ever recorded in California’s history.
Preparing Your Budget and Property For Minimum Wage Hikes
California’s minimum wage law (SB 3) phases-in from 2017 through 2023, when the minimum wage reaches $15.00 per hour statewide. Increases occur on January 1st; however, there are exceptions to this rule as cities or counties have increased minimum wage on July 1st or via a different, higher metric known as prevailing wage.
BOMA's New Members Mix-It-Up
The Membership Committee hosted the New Member Mixer at Cutwater Spirits this month to welcome many new principals and associates. The evening focused on introducing new members to the Board and committee chairs, so new members could be de-briefed on the many facets BOMA has to offer.
The True Impact of a Backpack
BOMA San Diego members tapped into their networks to spread the word about the Annual Back-To-School Drive benefiting Promises2kids. This Drive focused on the needs of foster youth ages pre-school to 6th grade.
“Day at the Races” takes Gold for Opportunities!
On August 2nd, bright suits, extravagant hats decorated the “Derby Days” themed occasion as lines of people “champed at the bit” to place early bets. As a first-year attendee, I quickly understood why anticipation runs high; Race Day provides a relaxed, yet formal setting that is perfect for both business and pleasure: newfound friends and contacts excitedly cheering on their chosen horses, old friends laughing over drinks, business representatives explaining their trade benefits with prospective clients.
Meet a Principal Member, Kami Nutt
What is the name of your Company, role and what type of buildings do you manage?
I work for Biomed Realty, and lead a team that manages a portfolio of life science buildings in San Diego.

How has your BOMA membership helped you grow and develop your commercial real estate career?
The relationships I’ve built throughout the years as a BOMA member have been invaluable in my real estate career as well as personal growth. There’s so much gain from the ability to exchange knowledge and experience with peers and mentors.
August Sponsor Spotlight
BOMA San Diego would like to recognize our August Annual Sponsors. Thank you for your support of BOMA San Diego.
Helping Hands and the Power of Giving
Over 50 BOMA San Diego volunteers attended the Summer Work Party this past month. The group spent the morning repainting walls, cleaning windows, replacing outdated equipment and installing a brand new buddy bench.
Principal Member Profile- CaSundra Perry PMB Real Estate
What is your Company name, your role and what type of buildings do you manage? I work for PMB Real Estate Services. My role is to provide senior property management leadership to a portfolio of MOB’s located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Texas.
Updates on New Asbestos and Lead Testing with the APCD Rule 1206
Rule 1206 has been written into the San Diego Air Pollution Control District's (APCD) regulations for years now, but just since November 2017, have they been strictly enforcing the rule. Many organizations have taken it upon themselves to interpret the rule and, in my experience, it has lead to wrong decisions that could put the organization at risk as well as worker and staff safety. Here is what the FM needs to know about rule 1206.
BOMA’s “Axe”llent Adventure
Members had an “Axe”llent time at the Emerging Leaders Axe Throwing event at Battle Axe. Sean Williams of CBRE was extremely knowledgeable and shared valuable information on items to think about when property managers have a prospective tenant that has a non-standard use
Getting the Most Out of Your Contracts
Special thanks to our instructor, Sonia Miro of Kearny Real Estate, who hosted an amazing seminar as part of the Lunch and Learn Series!
BOMA Saves Lives
On July 26, 2018, BOMA San Diego held its annual Blood Drive in partnership with the San Diego Blood Bank at two locations in the North and Central areas of San Diego. A total of 56 BOMA SD members donated enough blood to save 130 lives. Thank you to our volunteers that donated time in supporting the drives. Every drop counts!
Call For BOMA San Diego Board Nominations
We are in search of leaders to help shape the direction of our organization in 2019 and beyond.
BOMA San Diego’s success is built upon the dedication and vision of our volunteers, especially the Board of Directors. All members in good standing are eligible to serve on the Board and this could be the year you take your membership to the next level!
Board of Directors & Committee Chairs Plan for the Future
Looking ahead to 2019 and beyond, BOMA San Diego’s Board of Directors and Committee Chairs met with Henry Chamberlin, President & COO, and Deidre Schexnayder, Vice President, Association Services, IT & Research, of BOMA International for a half-day session to update our Strategic Long-Range Planning (SLRP).
What Does #IAMBOMASD Mean to You?
The best part of being part of BOMA is the people. Participating in mixers and educational events, participating in axe throwing (I still have all my limbs – and when I left so did my team mates), and joining a committee have all been extended with warm welcomes
Stay Informed with the San Diego Business Journal
Looking for new business development resources to expand your network and give you exclusive access to the industry elite? The San Diego Business Journal will be extending a special discount to BOMA Members for the annual San Diego Business Journal subscriptions, which includes a copy of the Book of Lists, the San Diego 500 and the Life Sciences Book
Kudos Korner
The Energy and Sustainability Committee would like to recognize Diane Durbin of SDG&E for her outstanding work behind the scenes for the July Seminar and Lunch Program
Ask a Property Manager
How do property managers keep their team happy?” – Anonymous
The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment’s (OEHHA) recent update to the Proposition 65 warning regulations take effect on August 30th of this year.

The new warning regulations substantially change what warnings must say and how they must be presented to the public or consumers.
SDG&E Tips
Free Training: Register for upcoming green building classes at the Energy Innovation Center. You should check out SDG&E’s Energy Innovation Center’s July and August offering of classes. The classes provide the latest information that can make a positive impact on tenants and your bottom line.
ENERGY STAR Funding Passes Through House and Senate
BOMA International announced this past week that ENERGY STAR funding, which includes the popular Portfolio Manager tool, was passed by both the House and Senate Appropriations Committees in their Interior, Environment and Related Agencies 2019 Appropriations Bill.
Ask a Principal
What is the name of your Company, role and what type of buildings do you manage?

I am a Senior Property Manager for CommonWealth Partners, managing 500,000sf Class A office high rise property, onsite in the Mission Valley area.

BOMA San Diego offers a lot of different benefits to their members. In your BOMA career, you’ve tackled everything from receiving a membership scholarship and the Jack Moshgat education scholarship to winning the TOBY awards, receiving your RPA designation and serving as Vice President on the Board of Directors (to name a few). What motivates you to stay active in BOMA?
BOMA Saves the Day: CPR/AED + First Aid Certification Course
The Emergency Preparedness hosted its second annual CPR/AED + First Aid certification course FREE of charge for all BOMA San Diego Members. Securitas USA and Allied Universal came together to sponsor this event by providing instruction by Michael C. Jarrous, Securitas Security Services USA and Nolin Flowers, Allied Universal. Although these two trainers were brought on by two different companies and had never taught a class together, they had great chemistry and did an effective job of tag-teaming to train the attendees.
BOMA New Member Happy Hour & Extravaganza
This event will be a unique way to get to understand BOMA on a deeper level and learn how to get involved. There will be a fun ice breaker and a short presentation from the 2018 BOMA president Tom Magnussen. A property manager and service partner sponsor will also be sharing their stories on how and why they got involved in BOMA and how it’s helped them personally and professionally.

To add to the fun, there will also be a Dove chocolate representative there giving out complimentary samples for you to try and product to order or purchase. A $100 Amazon cash gift card will be raffled off at the end of the evening as well.
Upcoming Changes in Building ENERGY STAR Metrics
Buildings in California over 50,000 sf must now report annual energy data to the California Energy Commission by June 1st, 2018 – under Assembly Bill 802 requirements. Additionally, ENERGY STAR metrics are changing this August, re-scoring most buildings at a score anywhere from 7-13 points lower on average.
The Dangers of a Dirty Trash Chute
Have you ever thought about what happens when the doors of a trash chute are opened? It’s definitely something you should be thinking about and be aware of. Recent studies have discovered the inner surface of a chute can carry more than 30 different biological and bacterial growths.
We Invite You to Take a Seat at the Next Lunch and Learn Series
At the recent Emerging Leaders Lunch and Learn Series: Intro into Maintenance, students new to the commercial real estate industry were eager to learn the basics from A.O. Reed’s HVAC expert, Martin Naranjo. Martin’s fun and unorthodox approach to teaching kept the students engaged and encouraged open conversation.
BOMA Leaders meet with San Diego Police Chief Dave Nisleit
David Nisleit, who was promoted to the City of San Diego’s 35th Chief of Police on March 2, 2018, joined several members of BOMA San Diego's leadership for our quarterly meeting with a public official on June 5th. Chief Nisleit oversees the eighth largest police department in the nation. He is a native San Diegan and grew up in the Rolando Community.
Save The Date for Summer Work Party
The Community Service Committee would like to invite you to give back to the youth of San Diego! Please join us on Saturday, July 28, at the Boys & Girls Club, William J. Oakes, to upgrade their location. BOMA has worked with a variety of Boys & Girls Club sites over the years and we are excited to continue to provide volunteers. The Committee needs 40-50 people who are up for painting, weeding and mulching. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided to all volunteers participating!
Emerging Leaders Planning for “Axellent” Event
The Emerging Leaders are cutting through meetings to make an amazing event this summer! We are planning to hit San Diego’s newest venue, Battle Axe San Diego. Handle stress relief like a boss, with some axe throwing! We’ll have “AXperts” teach us how to channel our inner lumberjack, so we can throw axes on their indoor range. Please join us to network with the upcoming future leaders of the Commercial Real Estate Industry and join in for an “AXcellent” Battle!
Annual Golf Tournament Was 18 Shades of Fun
The 18 Shades of Green tournament kicked off with Tanquizas Guadarrama's breakfast burritos, courtesy of Bill Howe Plumbing,and Four Season's Tree Care's brunch sponsorship. After checking in, players headed to Paragon Engineering’s table to grab their goody bag, distributed by the bag sponsor's very own Jack Bennings, which was overflowing with golf balls, tees, koozies, sunscreen, lip balm and a Maui Fusion tumbler provided by the title sponsor, ABM. Special thank you to all who donated to the player gift bags: ABM, AMS Paving, Clemlowe, Dowling Construction, Georgia Pacific, Gothic Landscape, J&M Keystone Restoration Services, Paragon Engineering, Pegasus, RSI Roofing & Solar, Sandstrand and SoCal Signs.
Kudos Korner
The Special Events Committee would like to give kudos to Angie Herrera, Assistant Property Manager at Donahue Schriber Realty Group. Angie is a new member to BOMA and the Special Event Committee, but that did not stop her from jumping head-first into golf tournament planning.
New Buildings Certified BOMA 360
The BOMA 360 Program is an internationally recognized designation for buildings that comply and exceed industry best practices in operations, safety, security, education, community relations, and environmental standards. BOMA San Diego is proud to add La Jolla Commons, managed by Hines Properties and Symphony Towers, a property of Irvine Company to our achievements list.
Jack Moshgat Scholarship
Two deserving industry leaders were recently awarded the Jack Moshgat Scholarship Award. The Scholarship recognizes each individual’s desire to further their education in the commercial real estate industry and strengthen their investments in the BOMA organization. Both Maru Cham, CBRE and Alina Talbott, Providien Property Management continue to set the bar high as top performers in the CRE industry. Thank you to all those that applied this year!
CPR/AED + First Aid Class Registration Deadline is June 4
Attention BOMA members! In honor of June’s National Safety month, the Emergency Preparedness Committee is hosting a full day of certified CPR/AED +First Aid training on June 8th. This course is offered in two consecutive sessions, the CPR/AED class + First Aid class or take advantage of the full program. Please note, final deadline is Monday, June 4th.
Sponsor Spotlight
Thank you to our May Luncheon Partners. With your support, our membership continues to thrive! Special recognition to American Technologies, Inc, OTIS, Benchmark Landscape, C&I Roofing, and SDG&E.
Ask A Property Manager with Teresa Henning + Christy Mickel
In my many years in the industry, I have had my share of difficult tenants, I have come to learn this: The Angry customers must be called and controlled while the lethargic ones must be energized. To do so I have been implementing the following 7 guidelines over the years:
The Expo Buzz Continues
The buzz goes on for the San Diego Commercial Properties Expo hosted by BOMA, IFMA, IREM, and SDBEA.
Advocacy Update: City of San Diego Considering Energy Benchmarking Ordinance
The City of San Diego is proposing a commercial building energy benchmarking ordinance. As part of the City’s recently adopted Climate Action Plan (CAP), the ordinance is intended to help promote energy efficiency and disclose energy use. The ordinance, if adopted, would apply to commercial, multi-family, and mixed-use properties.
Business Messaging From SDG&E: How Can An Energy Audit Save Your Business Money?
Are you interested in getting a customized roadmap for energy-saving improvements? SDG&E’s Business Energy Solutions (BES) Program offers small to mid-size business customers an onsite, no-cost energy audit with a report on potential savings.
TOBY Awards Deadline Extend to May 11
Ready for serious recognition? The prestigious TOBY Award is bestowed as the highest mark of excellence for building management and is the most all-inclusive program in the commercial real estate industry.
It’s not about “What You Know,” it’s about “Who You Know!”
Did you know that every monthly membership meeting’s program is created, scheduled, and planned through the Programs & Seminars committee? This committee is always looking for bright ideas, dynamic speakers, and new locations for tours.
Annual Sponsor Spotlight- A.O. Reed
A.O. Reed & Co. has been providing top-quality mechanical contracting service in San Diego since 1914. We continue to be privately owned and operated for 100 years and employ close to 400 people.
Discovering the True Spirit of Feeding San Diego
For the third year in a row, BOMA San Diego’s Community Service Committee worked with one of its favorite charity organizations, Feeding San Diego.
Adventures of Property Managers
Property Management is very exciting and every day something new arises. This adventure is about a tenant who got the shock of their life.
Retro Arcades: BOMA Emerging Leaders Mix It Old School
The Emerging Leaders blasted back into the past last week and kicked off the year by hosting a soldout event at the CoinOp located in downtown's Gaslamp.
Mark Your Calendar for the Associate Download on May 15th
Calling all Associate BOMA Members, both new and experienced! The Membership Committee is proud to host our annual “Associate Download” lunch and learn event on May 15th, 2018 at Waxie San Diego from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
BOMA 360: A Holistic Designation – Case Study
The BOMA 360 designation is a worldwide recognition in the property management industry that is given to buildings that utilize best-in-class industry practices for the maintenance and usage of their buildings.
Apply Now for a Jack Moshgat Scholarship
It’s hard to believe that we are well into 2018! The never changing "passing of time" is a harsh reminder of how important it is that we have a keen, committed and focused eye on our future.
Preventing the Preventable- 5 Simple Steps to Prevent Water Damage and Reduce Liability
In my 22 years of responding to emergency water damage issues in commercial and residential structures, I have seen thousands of leaks. The sad fact is the majority of these costly water damage events were preventable.
Legislative Update 2018 for Commercial Landlords and Property Managers
Planning Underway for TOBY Awards
BOMA San Diego Goes To Washington D.C.
BOMA San Diego’s executive officers traveled to Washington, D.C. earlier this month as a part of the 2018 BOMA International National Issues Conference.
Kudos Corner
Kudos to Ephraim Mallari of Ben and Jerry’s Catering who went above and beyond as one of the Holiday Gift Drive elves.
Ask A Property Manager
I once managed a large shopping center in Rancho San Diego that had over 100 extremely large trees planted throughout. The maintenance expense was causing my CAM to be extraordinarily high, and the Tenants were struggling.
Vacant Space Wanted for the Holiday Gift Drive Warehouse
BOMA San Diego’s Community Service committee is generating “an interest list” for property managers who can volunteer vacant space at one of their buildings to act as the temporary warehouse for the Promises2kids’ Holiday Gift Drive in December 2018.
Submit Your Data to the EER!
BOMA’s 2018 Office EER and Industrial EER surveys are now open. Through the Office EER survey, BOMA collects office building income and expense data and analyzes both local markets and national markets to assess the overall financial performance of office buildings. If you manage an office building, corporate facility or medical office building, please be sure to complete the Office EER survey this year.
Apply Now for a Jack Moshgat Scholarship
It’s hard to believe that we are well into 2018! The never changing "passing of time" is a harsh reminder of how important it is that we have a keen, committed and focused eye on our future.
The Do’s & Don’ts of the Expo
Four phenomenal organizations -- BOMA, IFMA, IREM and SDBEA -- are joining forces to host a Hollywood themed happy hour at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.
Amber Molina Shares BOMA Benefits with Real Estate Students
I was contacted by Jackie Greulich the career services manager at the USD Burnham Moores Center for Real Estate about speaking on their panel at their Real Estate Society event, along with other members of IREM, CREW, NAIOP, & ULI (urban land institute).
BOMA Collects Nearly 14,000 Gifts for P2K
Thank you to everyone who supported the 24th Annual BOMA San Diego Give From Your Heart Holiday Gift Drive.
2018 Membership Renewals Due January 31, 2018
Behind every great building is a great property professional.
Experience Exchange Report Survey Now Open
Through the Office EER survey, BOMA collects office building income and expense data and analyzes both local markets and national markets to assess the overall financial performance of office buildings.
Executive Director Named One of San Diego’s 500 Most Influential Business Leaders
Audrey Doherty, BOMA San Diego’s Executive Director and President of Chemistry PR, was recently named one of the 500 most influential business leaders in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal.
Adventures in Property Management: How To Catch A Chicken
One day, while working on a deadline for a monthly report, the hotel that shares our common area which I manage came in and asked me to remove a chicken that was outside.
Ask A Property Manager
What are your thoughts on the increasing trends of millennials, and all CRE professionals moving from job to job so frequently? Do you think that older and more experienced professionals who have been working for the same company for many years are lost in today’s culture? Is it now better to be young and fresh-faced versus the well-versed adviser?
San Diego Commercial Properties Expo Set for March 13th
2018 is off to an excellent start for the Membership Committee! We have dates set, sub-committees placed, and a growing team that welcomes more!
Civic Leaders Recognized for Efforts to Address Homelessness
BOMA San Diego presented its 2018 Public Official of the Year Award to a passionate group of civic leaders dedicated to addressing the issues of homelessness in San Diego.
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The Back-to-School Drive has Arrived!
It’s time for the Back to School Drive! BOMA San Diego’s Community Service Committee will be collecting backpacks and school supplies on Tuesday, August 8, at the Membership Meeting.
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September Membership Meeting Recap
At this past month's BOMA San Diego breakfast, the topic of conversation was Concierge Property Management: Managing Amenities. The panel was comprised of two representatives from Hines and one representative from The Irvine Company.
Be a BOMA Author! Write & Submit Your Article TODAY!
Calling all Principal Members! The Communications Committee is thriving and now is the time to be a part of the movement. How, you ask?
Conservation Alerts
You're On A New Electric Rate
Are you ready for event days? All businesses are now on a time-of-use pricing plan which means your price for electricity changes based on the time of day.
Energy Efficiency Business Rebates program has reached its 2016 funding limit
The program has experienced unprecedented participation levels and has reached its funding limit for the remainder of the year. Program guidelines dictate that rebates are paid to qualifying customers on a first come, first served basis until funds are no longer available.
Energy Saving Tips For Your Office
Turning off machines when they are not in use can result in energy savings. There is a common misconception that screen savers reduce energy use by monitors; they do not. Automatic switching to sleep mode or manually turning monitors off is always the better energy-saving strategy.
Beyond Green Cleaning
As property design and the maintenance of existing commercial property refines its focus on sustainability, there is an increased demand for property professionals to tailor their operations that supports higher performance with less environmental impact. Whereas investment in education has been largely focused at management level employees, many frontline building operators have been overlooked.
Cavignac & Associates Named Among Top Ten "Best Places to Work in San Diego" by San Diego Business Journal
Cavignac & Associates, a downtown San Diego-based risk management and insurance brokerage firm, recently was named one of the "Best Places to Work in San Diego", capturing seventh place out of 42 businesses in the Small Employer category.
BOMA Love Story: Katie Blizzard-Kiedrowski & Husband Dallas
Newly married Katie Blizzard-Kiedrowski shares how she and husband Dallas made Gala history.
July Luncheon Recap
On July 12, 2016, the BOMA membership gathered at Tom Ham's Lighthouse. We were joined by many interested, potential members in conjunction with the Membership Drive, and even documented the large turnout with a group selfie!
Math Is Money.. Budgets Equal Chaos
With most property managers, our budget impacts us daily. I find myself with calculations in my head when a major leak occurs or the chiller goes down. Cost of the repairs, if insurance will cover, and the loss of business that most tenants will be calling to file a claim for are all calculations that are running in my mind. In the end, I still remain calm and confident in my decisions of the financial impacts on my budget.
Emergency Preparedness for Businesses
Energy-saving tips your business can use
Timing is everything

There are two new Whenergy® pricing plans for businesses that can help you save money; Time of Use Plus and Time of Use.
Why Choose ABM?
Today, we'd like to send a very special thank you to our partners and friends at ABM Building Value for their continuous support of all things BOMA San Diego.
The mandatory California Benchmarking law (referred to as AB 1103) recently went through a significant change, in response to voluminous complaints from all sectors of the commercial real estate industry.
Analyze Energy. Empower Action.
SDG&E's new online Business Energy Advisor tool gives you the power to manage and analyze your business's energy use which, in turn, helps you make informed business decisions
Free training For Your Business
To stay competitive, it is important to keep your industry knowledge current. Take advantage of SDG&E's free seminars and workshops at the Energy Innovation Center to learn how you can make your business energy-efficient.
Act now to receive your no-cost, smart thermostat
SDG&E has installed and provided business customers with thousands of ecobee Programmable Communicating Thermostats (PCTs) at no cost. Customers have found these smart thermostats easy to operate and it allows more control over energy use, which maximizes energy savings.
Interested in increasing your property value?
Installing electric vehicle charging stations at your facility can help you achieve that. This allows building owners and property managers to both increase their property’s value and make it easier to increase plug-in electric vehicle adoption.
SDG&E's Energy-Saving Tips Your Business Can Use
Follow SDG&E's Energy Saving Tips to keep your business' energy costs down.
BOMA San Diego Board of Directors Call for Nominations
All members in good standing are eligible to serve on the Board and this could be the year you take your membership to the next level!
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April News Articles
BOMA Earth Day Expo 2016
Please Join us Tuesday April 12th for our BOMA Earth Day Expo and enter into the important conversation of making our buildings more sustainable.
Heaviland Landscape Management Acquires Landscape Plus Contracts
Heaviland Landscape Management recently negotiated a deal with Landscape Plus to acquire a number of contracts from the company as Landscape Plus closed its business.
March President's Message
February has been a busy month for Government Affairs. Your executive team comprised of myself, Tom Magnusen, Mike Nelson and Amber Molina together with Craig Benedetto of California Strategies, were in Washington DC early February for the BOMA Winter Business Meeting. Also what an honor to have Mayor Faulconer attend our February Luncheon and give BOMA San Diego it's very own State of the City address.

Click the link to read the full March President's Message!
Invitation To Participate In Developing A Statewide Program That Upgrades Workforce Skills
We are seeking participation from Subject Matter Experts (SME) as an Advisory Council member as part of a statewide effort to create a unique training and certification program.
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2016 Annual Expo
You've been to the circus, now it's time to give back. Join us on April 12 to celebrate Earth Day BOMA style!
Associate Brown Bagger Recap
BOMA's 2016 Associate Brown Bagger brought 30+ service providers and long term members together to discuss: BOMA buddies, lunch and mixer attendance, and how to become more involved.

Click the link to read more about this exclusive event!
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Rebuild San Diego
A letter from BOMA San Diego to San Diego City Councilman Mark Kersey in support of the Rebuild San Diego Infrastructure Investment Charter Amendment Measure.
January Luncheon
BOMA San Diego held its first luncheon of 2016 at the picturesque Tom Ham's Lighthouse. Click here to read about the event and special guest speaker San Diego City Councilman, Mark Kersey!
BOMA Brown Bagger
Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the exclusive venue that creates ideas, strategies, and friendships. It's the BOMA Brown Bagger! Click the link for more details on this exciting event.
January News Update
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BOMA San Diego's 2016 Board of Directors
Happy New Year BOMA San Diego! With each new year comes a new group of outstanding commercial real estate professionals who will serve as BOMA's 2016 Board of Directors.
2016 Holiday Gift Drive - A Huge Success!
With help from the BOMA San Diego Membership, the Community Service Committee hosted another successful Holiday Gift Drive benefiting Promise2kids and the foster youth of San Diego. Click the link to see how many toys were collected this year!
December News Update
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A Letter To Our Members: 2016 Annual Sponsorship
Support from companies like yours is essential for the continued success of our organization and for the overall benefit of our members. One of the most important ways you can help is by becoming an annual sponsor. Today, we are unveiling the annual sponsorship brochure for 2016.
2016 Membership Renewal
We hope you will renew your membership and join us to participate in networking events to help build your business, fight burdensome regulations and legislation and take advantage of our career-enhancing educational opportunities! Click here for membership benefits and to renew for 2016.
Holiday Gift Drive
BOMA San Diego's annual gift drive benefiting foster youth is in full swing! There is still time to help brighten their holiday season, click here for more details on donating.
Principal Member Scholarship
Now is the time of year to apply for the Principal Member Scholarship. This scholarship affords the opportunity for those working in the property management field to experience BOMA free for one year. Click here to apply!
2015 Local TOBY Award Winners
The San Diego Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) announced the winners for the local level of "The Outstanding Building of the Year" (TOBY) awards at the organization's recent TOBY and Membership Awards Gala. Click here for the winners!
Closing Out the Year on a 'Lighter' Note
On the heels of the successful passage of AB 802, which will help rework energy disclosure for commercial properties, and the stoppage of any effort to create a split-roll property tax system in California, at least for the next year, BOMA California and BOMA San Diego are closing out the year with another significant achievement, this time on the regulatory front with the California Energy Commission (CEC). Read the full article here.
The Gala - Highlighting a year of successes!
BOMA San Diego held its annual Gala at the Estancia La Jolla on November 7. We honored the best of the best in our Chapter from its hardworking members to the most outstanding office buildings of the year. For more details about this year's Gala click here!
November News Update
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November President's Message
BOMA San Diego President, Kristin Howell, has the latest on all recent and upcoming events! Click here for information on BOMA's upcoming Annual Gala and Holiday Toy Drive, as well as important news for our Education Committee and Annual Sponsors.
New Member: Roger Haerr
Learn more about Roger here!
Tis the Season! BOMA San Diego is partnering with Promises2Kids in the "Give From Your Heart Toy Drive" benefiting foster youth
'Tis the Season! BOMA San Diego is partnering with Promises2Kids in the "Give From Your Heart Toy Drive" benefiting foster youth. Click here to volunteer and donate!
Congratulations to the BOMA SD Education Committee!
BOMA San Diego's Education Committee receives special honor from BOMI International. Click here for details!
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Value of BOMA 360 and TOBY
Have you considered entering your property in the TOBY Awards? Click here for more information on how the TOBY Awards give more value than just public recognition.
Summer Work Party
Giving back sure does feel good when you do it BOMA style! Click here to read more about BOMA's Summer Work Party at the William J. Oakes Boys & Girls Club!
BOMA's 2015 Golf Tournament
"The weather was perfect, the course immaculate, but the time with friends and colleagues (with a drink in hand) really made it great." Click here for more details and photos from BOMA's 2015 Annual Golf Tournament!
July News Update
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Kilroy Realty Corporation's Kilroy Centre Del Mar Brings Home International TOBY Award
Hard work and dedication to quality operations and management paid off for Kilroy Realty Corporation at the 2015 BOMA International Every Building Expo & Conference. Click here for more information on Kilroy Centre Del Mar's big TOBY win!
Membership Committee Update
The membership committee has exciting news! Click here to discover what brand new opportunity the committee has in the works.
BOMA's Summer Work Party
BOMA's Summer Work Party is just around the corner! This year the Community Service Committee will be partnering with the William J. Oakes Boys and Girls Club. Read on for more information on how to get involved and give back to the San Diego community.
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