No-Cost and Low-Cost Energy Tips For The Office
Wednesday, September 8, 2021
by: SDG&E

Section: News

When you run a business, controlling your costs is a priority. Here are some easy tips to help reduce your energy use and bills.

1. Power down your office equipment (monitors, printers, lights) when not in use to reduce unnecessary power drain. 
2. Close curtains, shades and blinds, particularly during unoccupied times. Too much sun exposure inside can put a strain on your HVAC equipment – making it work harder than necessary.
3. Keep your HVAC equipment running efficiently. Clean condenser coils, replace air filters and check ducts and pipe insulation for damage. 
4. Clean diffusers and lamps once or twice a year. Did you know dust can add to your energy bills? It can build up on lighting diffusers and lamps which reduces the lumen output of your business’s lighting. Don’t forget to replace incandescent lighting with CFLs or, better yet, LED bulbs.
5. Add weatherstripping around doors and windows to reduce drafts. Use caulking to seal ducts, plumbing openings, recessed lighting or any other openings that allow air leaks in walls, floors and ceilings. 
6. Keep your vents clear of furniture and equipment. Blocked vents require up to 25% more energy to distribute air.
7. Check your central heating and cooling duct systems for leaks. They can be big energy wasters if they aren’t sealed properly or insulated well. 
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