Shelby Ballow's Key to Being a Successful BOMA San Diego Member
Read on to see what it takes to become a thriving member of BOMA San Diego.
Monday, December 2, 2019
by: Shelby Ballow, Dowling Construction

Section: News

I joined BOMA in 2016, brand new to the industry. Over the past three years, I went from knowing no one in BOMA to recognizing a majority of our members. How did I do this? By saying yes and being vocal. I spoke up at Special Event meetings and contributed ideas, obtained quotes and contacted members to see if they were interested in being an event sponsor, and wrote articles on behalf of the committee to publish in the newsletter. I naturally progressed into joining the Communications committee since I was already writing articles for Special Events, which allowed me to interact more personally with quite a few Principal members.

 In 2017 I won “You’re the Greatest” both for Special Events and Communications—because I was willing to take on tasks and always followed through with whatever I was assigned. That is when I realized the key to success in BOMA is being involved! At the start of 2018, Tom Magnussen asked if I was interested in Chairing Special Events, and I gladly accepted.  I worked very hard to ensure our members had a memorable, worth-while time at the events throughout the year by asking questions and seeking help from seasoned members, devoting time in my day to spend solely on Special Events, and making sure to promote the events at any BOMA activity I was participating in. That dedication led me to win Chairperson of the Year in 2018.

This past year I’ve focused on how to best help our members get those most out of their membership. I partnered with my peers to organize quarterly Leadership Collectives to assist & guide Chairs and Vice-Chairs. I communicated with event sponsors regularly leading up to the golf tournament, so they were fully prepared to display their best selves at their tee. I’ve made sure to be the person that says “hi” and be welcoming to those with a “new member” sticker, thinking of myself three years ago when I was new and a little hesitant. I made sure to give anything I did in BOMA 150% and because of that I took home the Ray Magnussen Association Member of the Year award for 2019.

To recap my BOMA success in one short sentence… I showed up, I contributed ideas, I volunteered and saw things through to the end. I follow the mantra “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well” –Lord Chesterfield.