New Member Spotlight – Dustin Sutton
Meet one of the newest members of BOMA San Diego, Dustin!
Wednesday, September 11, 2019
by: Michele Ignacio

Section: News

Like many managers I have met through the years, Dustin Sutton did not originally aspire for a career in property management.  Over 15 years ago, he found himself at a crossroads in life.  He thought about attending law school but changed his mind.  Since he was unsure of what his next step would be, Dustin decided to take the big plunge and move across the country from Philadelphia to San Diego.  He figured if he was going to plan out his next career move, why not do it in a city with warm, sunny beaches?
Dustin’s first job in San Diego was working in a warehouse in Miramar.  Afterward, he took on a sales and business development position and had the opportunity to transition into a leasing and management role thus beginning his new career in real estate.  Dustin is proud of his journey – from his humble beginnings sweeping floors and unloading trucks to managing over 20 million square feet so far in his career and currently manages residential, commercial and mixed-use assets for Meissner Jacquet.