Four Ways to Practice Social Distancing “BOMA Style”
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
by: Rachel Willis, Brad Stoner Painting

Section: News

1) Win at Virtual BOMA Bingo
Did you know that BOMA International recently created a “BOMA Bingo” card on social media? Check out our local Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages to play! Squares feature options like “Gained a lifelong friend through BOMA” and “Took a course through BOMA”.

Speaking of courses through BOMA…
2) Earn Continuing Professional Development Credits for your RPA, CPM & More
BOMA International offers a wide variety of webinars and online courses that will earn you the education credits needed to maintain your RPA, FMA, and CMCP, among others. Rather than take in another episode of Tiger King, take full advantage of another evening at home and choose to boost your industry knowledge.
Some webinars are even free to BOMA members! Find more information here.
3) Take a Few Photos with Your BOMA Swag!
Maybe we can’t physically get together, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love on your local chapter during this time of isolation. Find that swag hiding in the back of your closet or sock drawer, snap a photo and share on your favorite social media channel. Don’t forget to use the #IAMBOMASD hashtag!
Better yet… turn your swag into a facemask like these BOMA members:

4) Support Your Fellow Members
Just because you’re a responsible citizen hunkering down at the home office doesn’t mean you can’t send out an encouraging text or pick up the phone to check in on a fellow BOMA member. We know many of you are overwhelmed, anxious and feeling isolated during this time.
Imagine the impact it would make if each of us took a minute to reach out. Like the phrase commonly attributed to Mahatma Gandhi says, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
Go get ‘em, BOMA San Diego!