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What's New San Diego? Fox Point Farms Encinitas – Agriculture by the Ocean
Announcing the 2024 BOMA San Diego Board of Directors
Reflections From the EP Seat: BOMA International Executive Committee
Membership Awards Nominees
Welcome New Members
Welcome New Members
Welcome New Members
Golf Tournament Recap
We are happy to announce the 2022 BOMA Golf Tournament was a huge success!
How to Hire a Window Cleaning Contractor
Windows are easy to overlook—until you literally can’t see out of them! If you’re looking for a new contractor for your property, here are some easy tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re hiring the safest and most qualified company to assist you in protecting your asset.
Saying Farewell to 2021
BOMA San Diego closed out another successful year with a bang!
May Membership Meeting Recap
With a full statewide reopening on the horizon, last month’s Membership Meeting came at just the right time. Members of BOMA San Diego had the pleasure of receiving an update from San Diego’s Legislative Advocate, Craig Benedetto, and an economic forecast from a panel of brokers and an economist.
The Causes of Slab Leaks
Slab leaks are leaks in plumbing that runs underneath a concrete floor slab. Most residential and small commercial buildings have a slab-on-grade foundation. It is more stable, less expensive, and faster to build. But when pipes run underneath the slab, leaks are hard to detect, and often expensive and disruptive to repair. Until they are found and fixed, the resulting dampness can cause mold and other water damage.
3 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Building Managers
The elevator’s stuck, the A/C needs a filter change, your staff is frantically cleaning up a spill, someone’s complaining about a “funny smell” in their workroom, and as the building manager, you’re on the hook for making everything better ASAP. Sound familiar?
Assessments for Everyday Safety
Routine check-ups help to ensure things are kept safe and well maintained. Like the routine check-ups we have for our bodies, routine assessments are equally important for ensuring the safety and security of the physical spaces in our daily lives. Read more for a practical list of items to inspect in your workplace, home and vehicle.
Launch of the BOMA San Diego Ambassador Program
Do you remember your first BOMA event? Were you nervous because you didn’t know anyone? Did you have to walk around to five different tables asking, “Is this seat open?” only to be told that no, it was very much not open, hence the napkin on the back of the chair that you didn’t notice because it had fluttered to the ground along with your confidence.
Preparing Your Landscape for Fire Season
Across the West, fire season is beginning earlier and ending later; and as we progress through difficult economic times, property owners and managers might be tempted to reduce certain landscaping services to save on expenses. But some routine maintenance operations might be vital to protecting your property against fire hazards.
Call for Board of Directors Nominations
This is an exciting time of the year as our leadership is already looking ahead at 2021 and what the future may bring for our association and our industry.
Behind the Mask
If you, your colleagues, or loved ones would like one of our hand-made fabric masks, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We want to bless you with that, free of charge. Please email to find out more information.
A Building Manager’s Quick Guide to Indoor Air Quality
Do you ever think about breathing? Probably not…until you have a stuffy nose, or allergies, or that tight feeling in the back of your throat, or you’re trying not to cough, or not to breathe in that weird smell from who knows where. Only then do you remember that breathing is kind of a big deal.
Tim Meissner Named as One of the Most Influential People by San Diego Business Journal
Tim Meissner, founder and Principal of Meissner Jacquet Commercial Real Estate Services, was recently named by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the Most Influential People in San Diego. Meissner’s over 35 years of experience in commercial real estate operations including leasing, construction, due diligence, acquisition and disposition, finance, and property management contributed to this distinction.
Mike Nelson's Leadership Profile
BOMA San Diego’s core values are centered on advocacy, networking and leadership in the commercial real estate industry. In 2019, the Organization adopted the theme “Building The Leader In You” and decided to showcase its current leaders to learn more about their BOMA story and why they are involved at the leadership level.