How to Hire a Window Cleaning Contractor
Monday, January 24, 2022
by: Connor Eubanks, South Shore Building Services

Section: Member News

Windows are easy to overlook—until you literally can’t see out of them! If you’re looking for a new contractor for your property, here are some easy tips to keep in mind to ensure you’re hiring the safest and most qualified company to assist you in protecting your asset.

You want to make sure that when you receive your quotes, you’re able to compare apples to apples. Outlining the specific requirements of your project can go a long way in making sure each contractor is crystal clear on your expectations. You can create a simple spreadsheet for them to provide you with pricing. Here’s an example:

Ask these simple questions:
  • Qualifications
  • Years in business
  • Insurance- liability/worker’s comp
  • Key personnel & titles
  • Certifications held
  • References with 3-5 comparable properties/projects
  • Bank reference
  • OSHA Violations

How do you know that the contractor you’re hiring has a good safety record? Tragically, accidents do happen during window cleaning service, but most can be avoided when a company provides proper training, uses quality equipment, and follows all Cal-OSHA guidelines. It’s simple to check to see how many OSHA violations your potential new cleaning company has, or any contractor for that matter! You can look up a contractor by the establishment’s name, or look at an industry, such as “janitorial.”

Finally, networking with organizations like BOMA is a great way to find qualified contractors. Ask a friend- it’s always best to start with a referral. If you need more information, check out The International Window Cleaning Association has lots of great information, as well as a simple “Find a Window Cleaner” search. 

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