Mike Nelson's Leadership Profile
Read on to hear more from Mike Nelson and his advice on leadership opportunities and roles.
Thursday, September 12, 2019
by: Michele Ignacio

Section: Member News

BOMA San Diego’s core values are centered on advocacy, networking and leadership in the commercial real estate industry.  In 2019, the Organization adopted the theme “Building The Leader In You” and decided to showcase its current leaders to learn more about their BOMA story and why they are involved at the leadership level.  This month we are featuring Mike Nelson, RPA from Kilroy Realty Corporation.  Mike is an asset manager at Kilroy, and long-time BOMA San Diego Board Member.  Read the Q&A below to learn more about Mike and his take on the value of becoming a leader in BOMA.
BOMA San Diego:  Can you name a BOMA San Diego member (past or present) that has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?  Why and how did this person impact your BOMA experience and career?
Mike Nelson: I have had the privilege to work with so many wonderful people throughout my tenure with BOMA.  Key among them are/were Brian Galligan my Senior VP who encouraged my participation, Jack Renshaw who sought me out and asked if I’d serve on the Finance Committee, and Craig Benedetto who has opened up the entire field of local political engagement to me.  Brian let me pursue what I wanted, Jack got me going in the first place, and Craig helped cast a vision that extended out beyond my own properties.  As my knowledge and awareness of the entire Commercial Real Estate field grew, I was able to contribute, grow and develop more in my own company.      
BOMA San Diego: BOMA San Diego encourages professional development, advocacy, education and networking.  How do you encourage others in the Organization to communicate these core values?
Mike Nelson: In order for our core values to be effectively communicated by us, we need to develop our own personal story.  I don’t think we can effectively communicate something we haven’t already bought into ourselves, so think seriously why you are involved in BOMA, the challenges, the successes, and what rewards you’ve reaped.  Distill this down to a quick elevator speech, and develop the habit of sharing it with other new visitors and guests. 
BOMA San Diego: What advice would you give our members who are interested in going into a leadership position for the first time?
Mike Nelson: A key component to Leadership is the confidence and communication you possess.  My advice to anyone interested in developing their Leadership skills is to “Jump Into the BOMA Committee Flow”!  First of all join a committee, become an active member, Co-chair an event you enjoy, Co-chair the committee itself, then Chair the Committee and champion its particular mission.  People will notice this, and it will lead to further opportunities to grow and develop.  All BOMA chapters are looking for good leaders.  Demonstrating leadership at the Committee level typically leads to Board nomination, and then local success frequently leads to BOMA International opportunities.  I’m a firm believer that the dynamics of our local committee & events program(s) provide incredible Leadership development opportunities to anyone interested in committing themselves to grow.
Thank you for your leadership, Mike!