Launch of the BOMA San Diego Ambassador Program
Thursday, September 10, 2020
by: Addie Stathatos, Landscapes USA

Section: Member News

Do you remember your first BOMA event? Were you nervous because you didn’t know anyone? Did you have to walk around to five different tables asking, “Is this seat open?” only to be told that no, it was very much not open, hence the napkin on the back of the chair that you didn’t notice because it had fluttered to the ground along with your confidence.
Sometimes being a new BOMA member can be overwhelming. Finding yourself floundering in large social situations where you don’t know anyone can trigger awkward high school memories. That is why the Membership and Emerging Leaders (MEL) Committee is launching an all-new Ambassador Program!
The Ambassador Program pairs new BOMA Associate and Principal members with friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable ambassadors from the MEL Committee. Ambassadors become an ally and resource for new members throughout their first year in BOMA. They remind new members of upcoming social or educational events and sponsorships, as well as facilitate interactions and networking opportunities at luncheons and events (you know, once we can do these again). Most importantly, ambassadors make themselves available for any questions new members might have, from “Is the Tom Ham’s chicken tasty?” to “How do I sign up for a Lunch and Learn?”
We hope that this program helps new members better understand the benefits and opportunities that BOMA has to offer. As so many of us can attest, BOMA has helped us grow both personally and professionally, and the sooner our new members can experience that, the better off their time in BOMA will be.