John Reynolds

2005 to Present - Principal and President of HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc.
1990 to 2005 - Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics, USA, Inc., Elevator & Escalator Division, Service Manager, Branch Manager, Superintendent and Various Field Positions
1988 to 1990 - Otis Elevator Corporation, Field Construction Department
1993 to 1998 - IUEC Instructor for Solid State and Electronics
IUEC Apprenticeship - 1988 to 1992
CA State License Classes - 2001
Nevada State License Classes - 2004
CET Certification Testing - 2005
State of California Contractors License from 2001 to Present
State of Nevada Contractors License from 2004 to Present
National Elevator Industry Education Program Instructor, 1993 to 1998
Certified Elevator Inspector, ASME, Q.E.I. No. C-3697
John Reynolds, Elevator Consultant/Principal and President
HKA Elevator Consulting, Inc.


Mr. Reynolds has over 26 years of elevator-related experience for virtually all building types, sizes and elevator applications.  He has a wealth of experience as an elevator and escalator mechanic, a supervisor, and, most recently, as a consultant for numerous projects.  John’s responsibilities include general vertical transportation consulting activities for new construction projects and existing properties, specializing in mid-rise and high-rise commercial office, residential and institutional buildings where he performs traffic analyses, prepares contract documents, analyzes bids and executes contract administration.  Mr. Reynolds holds contractors licenses in two states.  He also holds a Qualified Elevator Inspector license (QEI) under the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.

Relevant Experience:
Office Buildings
777 Tower, Los Angeles - 52 Stories, 32 Elevators and 2 Escalators, Maintenance
Fox Plaza, Los Angeles - 32 Stories, 16 Elevators and 10 Escalators, Maintenance
One America Plaza, San Diego - 19 Elevators, Construction and Maintenance
MGM Tower, Los Angeles - 23 Elevators, Maintenance
Universal Studios, Los Angeles - 30 + units, Maintenance
Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank - 50 + units, Maintenance and Modernization
Plaza Towers, Costa Mesa - 21 Stories, 10 Elevators, Construction and Maintenance
Westwood Gateway, Los Angeles - 31 Elevators, Maintenance and Modernization
Symphony Towers, San Diego – 16 Elevators, Maintenance and Modernization
450 B Street, San Diego – 6 Elevators, Modernization              

Chatsworth Courthouse, Chatsworth - 13 Elevators and 2 Escalators, Maintenance
Antelope Valley Courthouse, Antelope Valley - 13 Elevators

Bunker Hill Tower, Los Angeles - 32 Stories, 5 Elevators, Modernization
La Tour Condominiums, Los Angeles - 25 Stories, 6 Elevators, Maintenance
Remington Condominiums, Los Angeles - 24 Stories, 6 Elevators, Construction and Maintenance
Military – Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms, Coronado, MCRD
Palomar College