Why Enter The TOBY Competition?

It’s the one competition in San Diego that honors outstanding commercial office buildings and excellence in building management. All facets of a building’s operations are involved, including its tenant relations program, amenities package, and community involvement, emergency evacuation procedures, building standards, accessibility and overall exceptional service. There are plenty of reasons to enter, but the main benefits to your property are:

  • Tenant Attraction and Retention - An award that helps you gain and retain tenants? That’s the number one reason to enter the TOBY contest. Sure, tenants are price-sensitive, and rent is a prime factor in leasing space. But plenty of other things influence that choice. How they feel about the property – its quality and pride of place – count for a lot. Tenants enjoy being in a building that’s recognized as “one of the best.” Just going for a TOBY means you’re going for the gold – in more ways than one! And you’ll profit from the experience, even if you don’t win.
  • Property Recognition - You think your property could be the best in the industry? Get recognized for it! Sports fans live for the day when they can say, “We’re number one!” Why not property managers and their teams?
  • Acknowledging Your Management Team - Pride of ownership and great performance should be recognized. If the management team on a project is the best, then show it! The process of entering builds teamwork and cooperation with your service providers and employees who work every day to make a property shine.
  • Accolades for Owners - Like everyone, owners and property management companies want to feel great about the business they’re in. And nothing feels as great as being awarded the best in the business!
  • TOBY Training - We offer TOBY Training seminars every year and also offer personalized training. This is a great opportunity for you and your team to learn more about the TOBY program. 
  • BOMA 360 - Participation in the TOBY program gives you a head start on becoming a BOMA 360 Building. The BOMA 360 Performance Program sets the standard worldwide for operational best practices in the commercial real estate industry. For building owners and managers who want to help their properties stand out from the crowd, there is no clearer mark of excellence than achieving the BOMA 360 designation. Click here to learn more about how to gain a distinct competitive advantage.