Membership Scholarship

The BOMA San Diego Membership Scholarship is intended to encourage potential Principal Members whose companies do not pay for their BOMA memberships to become active members of BOMA. 

The scholarship program recognizes a deserving person's desire to participate in BOMA San Diego.   Recognizing that some companies no longer pay for employee participation in BOMA San Diego, this scholarship program, funded by the proceeds from the annual EXPO/Trade Show, was established to fund membership scholarships for Principal members who would not otherwise be able to participate.  All BOMA functions attended by the scholarship recipients must be paid for by other sources; the scholarship will only fund the BOMA San Diego membership fee. Scholarships will be awarded annually based on funding available from the annual EXPO/Trade Show fund.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Candidates must qualify to be a Principal member as defined by BOMA San Diego.
2. Candidates must be employed in or a resident in the San Diego BOMA service area.
3. Candidates would be required to be active in BOMA San Diego by participating in at least one committee as well as attending at least six events (excluding BOMA Golf, Day at the Races, or the BOMA Gala). 
4. Only two scholarships per company will be awarded.

5. Candidates must be employed and eligible to be a BOMA International Member.
6. Current BOMA San Diego members are not eligible.

Application Submission Process

1. Download the application here.
2. Email completed application to Audrey Doherty.