High-Performance Program


About the Program

Growing occupant demand, investor pressures, and building code requirements have led to a new standard in high-performance building, driving many markets to mandate comprehensive sustainability and energy-efficiency programs. To meet this challenge, BOMI International presents a new High-Performance Program, designed by industry experts to further enhance the competencies—knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform key job functions—of professionals who are responsible for implementing sustainable initiatives. 
This three-course comprehensive program delivers an integrated and practical curriculum that encompasses virtually every aspect of a sustainable built environment. These courses provide industry professionals with the tools and advanced knowledge necessary for understanding, creating, and applying sustainable initiatives; optimizing current and future high-performance building operations; maximizing cost-savings and environmental stewardship; and reaching individual professional development goals.
The new program offers professionals the opportunity to obtain a High-Performance Certificate, or to earn an enhanced RPA|HP or FMA|HP Designation

High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles

This course provides a comprehensive overview of high-performance sustainable buildings and exposes learners to the critical components of the sustainable ecosystem. As an industry professional, you will gain insight on how to meet the imperative for sustainable initiatives, stay abreast of new trends in greening, and effectively communicate the value of pursuing sustainable building initiatives.

High-Performance Sustainable Building Practices

This course identifies the critical no- and low-cost sustainable initiatives that every building professional can start implementing now. Throughout this course, you will learn how to effectively optimize and apply sustainable best practices—that cover every aspect of the built environment—to drive operational efficiencies for a high-performance building.

High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments

This course delivers the strategies needed to envision, plan, and manage large-scale sustainable projects that maximize ROI. Learners will gain an in-depth understanding of how to effectively impact efficiency challenges through the use of cutting-edge approaches that have a positive effect on an organization’s financial, social, and environmental bottom line.

High-Performance Certificate

To earn BOMI International's new High-Performance (HP) Certificate, professionals must successfully complete all three of the new High-Performance Program courses listed above by passing an exam (with a 70% or higher) at the end of each course. Those who earn the High-Performance Certificate will have the in-depth knowledge needed to understand all aspects of a sustainable built environment and demonstrate excellence in high-performance sustainable building management.

High-Performance Designations

The curriculum offered in BOMI International's Real Property Administrator (RPA®) and Facilities Management Administrator (FMA®) Designation Programs, combined with the new High-Performance Program’s focus on sustainable building management provides a well-rounded education that is necessary to operate and maintain current and future high-performance sustainable buildings.
Industry professionals who earn the RPA|HP—A Symbol of High-Performance Sustainable Building Management™—or the FMA|HP—A Symbol of High-Performance Sustainable Facilities Management™—Designations will have an in-depth understanding of how to define, initiate, pay for, complete, and obtain a return on investment for sustainable initiatives within all segments of a building or portfolio.


Designation Requirements

If you already have your RPA or FMA Designation from BOMI International, you may enhance to a RPA|HP or FMA|HP Designation by taking all three of the new High-Performance courses and passing an exam with a 70% or higher at the end of each course. If you are not currently an RPA or FMA designee, you must meet all RPA or FMA Designation Program requirements and successfully complete all three of the new High-Performance courses.