BOMA California Advocacy

What is BOMA California government affairs all about?

BOMA California was created in 1988 in an effort to have the industry speak with one unified voice to policymakers in a cost efficient, coordinated and consistent manner.
BOMA California acts swiftly and decisively on behalf of the commercial real estate industry. The association aggressively represents the industry and actively shapes public policy in a broad range of venues. From the Governor and legislators in the State Capitol, to energy issues before the CPUC and new code requirements before the Building Standards Commission, BOMA California exists to affect change and assure policymakers understand the impacts of their actions.
BOMA California gives commercial real estate a platform and acts as a key communication link between our industry and a host of state policymakers and numerous state agencies. Concurrently, BOMA California’s Board of Directors identifies the most important issues facing our industry at any given time, and uses industry experts to help prioritize and direct the association’s activity.
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