Section: Government Affairs
BOMA Welcomes 3rd District County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar
On October 18th, San Diego County Supervisor for District 3 Kristin Gaspar met with several members of BOMA San Diego’s Board and Government Affairs Committee for a meet and greet, as well as to discuss issues of mutual concern related to the County of San Diego.
October Advocacy Update: Some Crisis Averted; Some Concerns Still Exist
BOMA will continue to participate as a stakeholder and argue for fair, feasible changes that result in accomplishing the County's goals without harming the need for access to jobs and other services in the County unincorporated area.
August Advocacy Update
At the beginning of this year, members of the Government Affairs Committee were joined by Councilmembers Scott Sherman and David Alvarez to discuss two of the city’s most pressing issues – affordable housing and housing affordability.
July Advocacy Update
Last month, members of the BOMA San Diego Government Affairs Committee attended the 2017 CCRES and BOMA Cal Board meeting in Sacramento to learn the latest in state legislative affairs and to lobby legislators in the Assembly and Senate on issues important to the commercial real estate industry.
June Advocacy Update
At May’s Government Affairs Committee staff for Mayor Kevin Faulconer presented the Mayor’s fiscal year 2018 Budget. Despite rising pension costs, the proposed budget maintains its focus on neighborhoods, infrastructure, and street repair.
May Advocacy Update
At last month's Government Affairs Committee meeting members of Mayor Kevin Faulconer's staff presented the Mayor's Housing Initiative. California, and San Diego, in particular, is facing an unprecedented crisis in housing affordability and affordable housing.
Advocacy Update: April 2017
Last week, BOMA San Diego staff traveled to Los Angeles for the annual California Business Properties Association (CBPA) legislative meeting.
Government Affairs February Update
BOMA was joined by City of San Diego, Public Utilities Director, Halla Razak at the January membership luncheon where she swore in the 2017 Board of Directors, discussed the Department’s priorities and took questions directly from BOMA members.
Government Affairs January Update
In order to best serve its 300 member companies and thousands of employees, BOMA San Diego works tirelessly to be a formidable force in policy debates, promoting and protecting the commercial real estate industry and our members. Every year, the California State Legislature introduces more than 2,000 new laws, and roughly 1/4 of those bills directly impact the commercial real estate industry.
Government Affairs November Update
Noteworthy Ballot Measures for the Commercial Real Estate Industry
2016 BOMA Government Affairs Priorities & Objectives
These priorities are based on BOMA's guiding principles including promoting job creation, growth and retention; improving the state of commercial real estate and creating a more profitable work environment; and influencing legislation at the state and local level. These are not listed in any specific order and will be implemented at the discretion of the Government Affairs Committee and Board of Directors.
Rebuild San Diego Proposal to Secure Dedicated Infrastructure Funding
Through the leadership of Councilman Mark Kersey (District Five), major progress is being made on securing new funding for infrastructure improvements in the City of San Diego. Councilman Kersey's proposed Rebuild San Diego charter measure would create a dedicated funding stream for infrastructure, something the city currently does not have. Endorsed by Mayor Kevin Faulconer, the final ballot language is expected to be approved by City Council in March for voter approval on the June 2016 ballot.

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Property Tax Initiative Gaining Momentum
A proposition to change Proposition 13 in a manner that would allow the doubling of state property tax is currently out for signatures and seems to be gaining momentum. This is a threat that we are taking very seriously and putting out a call to our industry: Get Educated, Active, and Engaged!! We all need to be prepared to defend against this massive tax increase.
California Split Roll Property Tax Update
As reported by Rex Hime in our August Newsletter, there has been a great deal of activity surrounding the idea of split roll this year. Click her for the full update.
That's ALMOST A Wrap!
On Friday, September 11th the California State Legislature closed out its 2015 legislative session. In total, 2354 bills were introduced between the Senate and Assembly in regular session along with 71 in extraordinary sessions and 17 constitutional amendments. Click here for the summary and disposition of some of BOMA's 2015 Senate and Assembly Bills of Interest.
Government Affairs Committee
In order to best serve its membership, BOMA San Diego works tirelessly to be a formidable force in policy debates and represent the interests of the commercial real estate industry. The BOMA San Diego Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is the first line of offense in promoting the interests of the commercial real estate industry through legislative analysis, advocacy and member education, and defense against bad measures that are intended to hurt our members. Click here for a full update from our Government Affairs committee.
As leaders of our industry, we ask that you keep informed on what is happening so you can educate colleagues, clients, tenants, and policymakers about the negative impacts that a split roll property tax would have on property values, leasing rates, jobs, and economic activity. Click here for more information.