Section: Leadership Spotlight
Leadership Spotlight Featuring Shelby Ballow, Dowling Construction
Leadership Spotlight featuring Nicole Schuck
Leadership Spotlight featuring Renato Vazquez
Leadership Spotlight featuring Melanie Bamba Milinkevich
Leadership Spotlight Featuring Erica Mann Of San Diego Mechanical Energy
Leadership Spotlight featuring Brittany Deal of ABM
Leadership Spotlight on Brooke Wheeler
Leadership Spotlight on Rachel Willis
Leadership Spotlight: Stacy Kurko, Our Newest Board Member!
Leadership Spotlight featuring Monique Adley
Leadership Spotlight featuring Cali Bird
Leadership Spotlight featuring Stacy Kurko of Jay Paul Company
Leadership Spotlight on Ben Arvizu of CAM Property Services
Leadership Spotlight featuring Paris Cox
Leadership Spotlight featuring Amanda Joachim of LandCare
Leadership Spotlight featuring Nicole Schuck
Leadership Spotlight featuring Cynthia Stelzer
A Conversation with the President (Leadership Spotlight on Thor Emblem)
I had the honor of interviewing Thor Emblem of the GSH Group for this month’s Leadership Spotlight. Last month, he was inducted as our Chapter’s President. His experience throughout the years at the Committee level and on the Board of Directors gives him a global perspective on BOMA’s impact on the commercial real estate industry. He is passionate about learning and growing on a personal level, which in turn helps him focus and encourage our members to do the same.
Leadership Spotlight on Jacqueline Nishnic
Learn about this month's Leadership Spotlight, Jacqueline Nishnic from ATI Restoration!
Leadership Spotlight on Anastasiya Plotina
We are featuring Anastasiya Plotina of Hines for this month’s Leadership Spotlight!
Leadership Spotlight on Courtney Johnson
For this month's Leadership Spotlight, we're featuring Courtney Johnson!
Leadership Spotlight on Renato Vazquez
We are featuring Renato Vazquez of Kilroy Realty for this month’s Leadership Spotlight!
Our Leadership Spotlight for April is on Teresa Henning of American Assets Trust. She is a Senior Property Manager who oversees and manages two Class A multi-tenant office campuses in San Diego.
Leadership Spotlight - Melanie Bamba Milinkevich
For this month's Leadership Spotlight, we're featuring Melanie Bamba Milinkevich.
Announcing BOMA San Diego's 2022 Board Members
BOMA San Diego is excited to welcome the new Board of Directors.
Leadership Spotlight - Liz Howeth
For this month’s Leadership Spotlight, we are featuring Liz Howeth.
Leadership Spotlight featuring Jim Kelley of LandCare
Jim Kelley of LandCare is our featured BOMA San Diego Leader! Jim is a long time BOMA member who volunteers on the Community Service Committee.
Leadership Spotlight featuring Rachel Willis
Rachel Willis of Pacific Rim Mechanical is our featured BOMA Leader! Rachel has volunteered with BOMA San Diego for years and currently leads our Communications Committee.
Leadership Spotlight on Paris Cox
Our featured BOMA San Diego Leader is Paris Cox of Kearny Real Estate. Paris is an outgoing and passionate leader focused on establishing educational opportunities for property management professionals.
Leadership Spotlight on Joe LoGiudice
Meet Joe LoGiudice of Ace Parking! He joined BOMA San Diego in 2013 and currently volunteers as the Programs & Seminars Committee co-chairperson.
Leadership Spotlight - Amanda Joachim of LandCare
Amanda Joachim is a native San Diegan. She attended college at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She also lived in Scottsdale where she began her career. As beautiful as Arizona is, the 120 degree weather eventually motivated her to move back to America’s Finest City!
Leadership Spotlight - Addie Stathatos
For this month’s Leadership Spotlight, we’re featuring Addie Stathatos co-chair of the Membership and Emerging Leaders Committee.
Leadership Spotlight featuring Lisa Gualco of Madison Marquette
Lisa Gualco of Madison Marquette is a long time BOMA San Diego member and the only principal-level Annual Supporting Partner. Over the past 20+ years, Lisa has contributed to the growth of our organization by volunteering on both the committee and leadership levels. She’s a BOMA trailblazer with an amazing list of accomplishments!

Learn more about Lisa, and how she’s excelled in our organization over the years.
Leadership Spotlight: Allegra Renard
Allegra is a Property Manager with Cushman & Wakefield. Her team manages 550 West – roughly 361,000 sq ft. of Class A High Rise space in downtown San Diego
Leadership Spotlight – Renato Vazquez of Kilroy Realty
Renato Vazquez graduated from Chapman University with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Vazquez is well established in the real estate industry. He alone oversees 800,000 SF of Class A office space in Del Mar and is part of a larger team that oversees a total of 1.5 million SF of office space in the Del Mar and La Jolla areas.
Leadership Spotlight featuring Alicia Love
Meet our latest Leadership Spotlight, Alicia Love! Alicia is the current Special Events Committee Chair of BOMA. She grew up in the city of Santa Ana but has lived in Santa Monica, London, Vista, Del Mar, and currently resides in Encinitas. She is the proud mother of two easy-going, curious, and caring boys: Bruce and Trevor. Her partner in crime, Joe, came into their lives about three years ago and completes their family.
BOMA Leadership Spotlight: Thor Emblem
"I feel that BOMA is very important for the commercial real estate industry and I felt that I could contribute to the direction of BOMA in a positive way."
Leadership Profile – Ben Arvizu of Cam Property Services
Ben Arvizu of CAM Property Services is no stranger to the commercial real estate industry. He’s worked for CAM Property Services for over 13 years as their Business Development Manager, responsible for all sales and account management in the greater San Diego area.
Leadership Spotlight | Shelby Ballow of Dowling Construction
"The secret is to volunteer for a task and follow through with doing it — this will get you noticed."
Leadership Spotlight – Sonia Miró of Kearny Real Estate Company
My leadership style is to lead by example and action. I love to inspire others; mentor and encourage my team; and have an open-door policy with a positive outlook. I believe in being firm but fair with everyone I get the privilege to work with, and strongly believe in the teaching principle of “give someone a fish, they eat for a day, but if you teach someone to fish, they eat for a lifetime.”
Leadership Spotlight Featuring Teresa Henning
"BOMA is about educating its members, as well as its surrounding communities. Our organization also works with first responders, as well as local and national government on the many issues that affect our industry. We work hard, and we enjoy the camaraderie of the close relationships that we form."
Leadership Spotlight – Diana Cuevas
Diana Cuevas grew up in San Diego and attended San Diego State University, earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on marketing. She has been a part of the Securitas USA organization for 12 years.
Leadership Spotlight – Courtney Johnson
Courtney Johnson grew up in Vista and later attended CSU San Marcos where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business/Corporate Communications. She is engaged to Jordan (the owner of a local general contracting company) and often refers to him as a saint for putting up with her sarcasm.
Leadership Spotlight on Jacqueline Nishnic
Jacqueline Nishnic is the Business Development Manager at ATI San Diego. She is originally from the Los Angeles area, and after graduating from Colorado State University with degrees in Journalism and Public Relations and a minor in Psychology, she packed up her car and made the move back to Southern California.
Leadership Spotlight featuring Stephanie Kozlowski
Meet our latest Leadership Spotlight, Stephanie Kozlowski! In June 2018, Stephanie became the current Director of Client Services & Relations for Paragon Engineering.