New Member Spotlight Featuring Hillary Phan
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
by: Pearl Lai, Innovative Industrial Properties

Section: New Member Spotlight

We are pleased to introduce one of our newest BOMA members Hillary Phan, an Account Manager at LandCare. Her family immigrated here from Vietnam and she is a first-generation American. Read more about her below:
BOMA San Diego: What is your role and responsibility at Landcare?
Hillary: I am an Account Manager at LandCare. My role is to communicate with my current clients to make sure that the quality of LandCare’s work is up to our standards as well as theirs. I also do business development by reaching out to new clients to do business with them.
BOMA San Diego:
What kind of buildings do you manage?
Hillary: I started at LandCare at a weird time. Literally right on the first day of COVID lockdown. So, my portfolio is a bit small right now. I manage HOA communities and shopping centers in my current portfolio.
BOMA San Diego: Tell us about your family and pets.
Hillary: I come from a family that immigrated here from Vietnam. I am first generation American. My parents worked very hard to provide for their six kids, from working odd jobs to owning a business in a new country. There are three girls and three boys in our family. I am number four out of six. Fun fact: The first five kids are not even a year apart from each other. I do not have any pets right now, but my girlfriend and I are looking to adopt a puppy very soon.
BOMA San Diego: What is your educational background?
Hillary: I started to go to college at UC Davis on a field hockey/lacrosse scholarship and left that to finish my undergrad at UC San Diego in Business management.
BOMA San Diego: What was your first role and what ultimately got you interested in this field?
Hillary: My first role in LandCare was business development. I would look into new property management companies that LandCare did not have on their radar and add them to our prospecting list. What attracted me to this field is the beauty found in landscaping, and how LandCare really values the hard work that goes into it. LandCare goes out of their way to make sure their employees are happy because they believe that a happy and healthy staff makes for good quality of work for their clients.  
BOMA San Diego: What are your top three goals for joining BOMA San Diego?
Hillary: My top three goals are: 1) to make new friends, 2) to make connections and learn from these connections, and 3) to learn from this industry. I have been in this field before and BOMA is great because they have all different types of people working in this field.
BOMA San Diego: What committees have you joined or are you interested in joining?
Hillary: I started in the Membership & Emerging Leaders committee to help fill my colleague’s, Amanda Joachim, spot during her maternity leave. But I switched to Community Service and just checked out Communications. I would like to find a committee that is great for beginners and would like to be more involved.
BOMA San Diego: What is your favorite part of the workday?
Hillary: My favorite part of the workday is being out in the field. I love going to my properties and talking to my landscape crew. They are such friendly people, and they teach me a lot when it comes to landscaping. They make the day fun, and they put me to work sometimes, which I like as well.
BOMA San Diego: What was the last thing watched (movie, show, video) that you would recommend?
Hillary: My girlfriend and I love watching reality TV. It is a guilty pleasure. And when we heard that there was a Vietnamese realty TV show on HBO we had to see it. It is called ‘House of Ho’.  We finished the season in one day. I recommend it because I do not see Asian Americans on TV at all and having a reality TV show based on Vietnamese immigrants coming to America and raising kids is fun to watch. These kids must follow strict Vietnamese traditions while living in America, which I can relate to.
BOMA San Diego: What is a hobby you do outside of work?
Hillary: My hobby outside of work is cycling. I cycle every day. It is a good workout during these times and it’s always fun to cycle up and down the beautiful San Diego coast.