New Member Spotlight – Renato Vazquez
Check out this Q&A to learn more about Renato!
Monday, April 20, 2020
by: Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed & Co.

Section: New Member Spotlight

Renato Vazquez is one of our newest BOMA San Diego Principal Members. Although he is new to town and to our chapter, Renato is no stranger to BOMA.  Before moving to San Diego, Renato lived in Orange County and participated in their local BOMA chapter. Check out this Q&A to learn more about Renato!
BOMA San Diego:  Tell us a little bit about your property management experience - where have you worked, where do you currently work and what types of buildings do you manage?
Renato Vazquez:  I am a property manager for LPC West, Inc. My portfolio consists of 860K SF of office, industrial and retail properties.  I have seven years of property management experience, and I recently moved down to San Diego from Orange County this past October.
BOMA San Diego: What are the top three things on your career bucket list? 
Renato Vazquez: The top three things on my career bucket list are the following:
  1. I would like to become an asset manager.
  2. I would like to have a building win the International Building of the Year (TOBY) Award
  3. I would like to serve as BOMA president.
BOMA San Diego: What are you hoping to accomplish as a member of BOMA San Diego?
Renato Vazquez:  Being a member of BOMA OC helped me find my passion for our industry.  I have developed some of my best relationships with both property managers and vendors through our BOMA connection. I am hoping to replicate that experience here in San Diego. It is great to be a part of a tight-knit community of likeminded individuals who can share obstacles and experiences with each other, allowing us to learn from one another and become leaders within our industry.
BOMA San Diego:  How would your best friends describe you in three words?
Renato Vazquez:  Selfless, empathetic and understanding.
BOMA San Diego:  Do you prefer podcasts, TV shows/movies, or music?  Tell us some of your favorites.
Renato Vazquez:  Music and movies are both a great passion of mine. My two favorite genres are hip-hop and rock, but I love it all! I really enjoy going to the movies with my family whenever I can. We try and make it out to all of the Disney movies, and I love Star Wars, Marvel and DC movies.
Welcome aboard, Renato!