Welcome aboard, Samantha!
Samantha Noddin is one of our newest BOMA San Diego principal members.
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
by: Michele Ignacio and Samantha Noddin

Section: New Member Spotlight

She currently works for Stockdale Management and volunteers on the BOMA communications committee as the newly appointed copy editor.  She graduated from the University of California at Riverside with a degree in creative writing (non-fiction) and played on the collegiate softball team for four years.  With her creative writing experience, Samantha adds great value to the team.  Read below to learn more about Samantha:
Q: What kind of work did you do before property management and how has that work experience helped shape you?
Samantha: I've been working in customer service type roles for a long time, retail mostly. Between that and my athletic background, I've developed a solid understanding of what it means to provide service to others and to work with and build great teams. 
Q: What are the three qualities you value in your relationships?
Samantha:  Honesty, sense of humor, and sincerity (if I had a fourth option it would be punctuality).
Q: What is your greatest strength?
Samantha:  I would say it's my ability to learn quickly. This strength has afforded me many opportunities and successes in this industry that moves so fast and changes even faster.
Welcome aboard, Samantha!