New Member: Lucy Suarez
Thursday, February 25, 2016

Section: New Member Spotlight

Q1: Your name and professional designations:
Lucy Suarez Client Services Manager

Q2: Where do you currently work and what does the company specialize in?
We service the San Diego County, and we specialize in janitorial and day porter work

Q3: Summarize the role you play at your current office.
As the client services manager I act as a liaison between our organization and our customers. I work to resolve problems and ensure that products are delivered timely and as expected.

Q4: Where were you born?
Tijuana, Baja California

Q5: Did you attend college? If so, where and what year did you graduate?

Q6: In three words, how would your closest friends describe you?
Outgoing, enthusiastic, organized

Q7: Name something no one knows about you.
I speak a Mexican dialect

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