New Member: Alexandra Rose
Friday, August 7, 2015
by: Alexandra Rose, Gridium

Section: New Member Spotlight

Q1: Your name and professional designations:
Alex Rose, Business Development Manager.

Q2: Where do you currently work and what does the company specialize in?
Gridium. Gridium offers energy data analytic services to commercial and industrial energy consumers to help them predict, manage, and reduce their resource use and cost.

Q3: Summarize the role you play at your current office.
Currently leading the launch of Gridium into San Diego; working to educate and provide valuable information to clients in order to zero in on the energy efficiency opportunities our customers care about.

Q4: Where were you born?
Toronto, Canada.

Q5: Did you attend college? If so, where and what year did you graduate?
University of Toronto. Graduated in 2012, Toronto.

Q6: In three words, how would your closest friends describe you?
Loyal, spontaneous, curious.

Q7: Name something no one knows about you.
This was news to me, but apparently I'm scared of sharks (I still plan on learning to surf).

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