New Member Spotlight: Stephanie Kozlowski
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Section: New Member Spotlight

Q1: Your name and professional designations:

Stephanie Kozlowski

Q2: Where do you currently work and what does the company specialize in?

Automated Controls, Inc. We specialize in energy efficient building automated controls for HVAC, lighting, card access, and CCTV.

Q3: Summarize the role you play at your current office.

As the Director of Sales & Marketing, my role is to help building owners, managers, and facility managers understand the process of optimizing their energy use by adding automated controls to their HVAC and lighting units. We are able to provide a platform that makes these units along with CCTV and card access available in one single source.

Q4: Where were you born?

Glendale, California

Q5: Did you attend college? If so, where and what year did you graduate?

Received my Associates Degree in 2003 while I was already well into my career. :) Most of my education has come from field experience and trade trainings.

Q6: In three words, how would your closest friends describe you?

Loyal, strong, & loving.

Q7: No one knows this about me but...

I am ambidextrous. I do the majority of fine motor skills right handed (writing, drawing, painting). Most of the strength skills are left handed (throwing, basketball, softball, snow/wakeboarding). I wear my watch on my right arm and I can play pool, use a hammer, or a screwdriver with either hand. When I try something new (archery, shooting, etc), it takes a little while to determine whether it will be a right or left handed skill. Ambidexterity is one of the most famous varieties of cross-dominance and most people don't know this about me. :)