New Member Spotlight: Kerrie Nelson
Monday, March 31, 2014
by: BOMA San Diego

Section: New Member Spotlight

Kerrie Nelson works in Business Development at Corovan Moving & Storage, which provides clients with a single point of contact for business relocation, storage, management of furniture, fixtures and equipment, technology and facilities support services. In addition, Corovan’s full services include commercial relocation (moves/adds/changes), move planning, facilities support, furniture sales and installation, technology relocation, logistics, project management, warehouse storage and distribution, data management and protection, and heavy machinery moves (rigging).

At Corovan, Kerrie builds long-term business relationships with current clients, potential clients and other vendors. She states she enjoys her position because she gets to learn how she can better serve her clients and help teach them about the variety of services that Corovan offers.

Kerrie’s drive to help and serve others stems from the last 20 years of her life where she spent working in the social services field serving parents, children, teenagers and military families. When the position at Corovan became available, Kerrie knew it would be a great fit for her networking and educational skills, not to mention her visible passion for helping others!

Born in the Mojave Desert, raised in San Diego and educated at Azusa Pacific University, Kerrie is a Southern California girl at heart! Even after a three year relocation to the East Coast, Kerrie found herself missing San Diego so much that she quit her job, took six months to travel cross country and ended up back here! You can most likely find her on the beach reading or crocheting in her free time.

Kerrie’s accomplishment she is most proud of is mentoring young women. She has mentored a dozen young women over the years and claims it is a joy to watch them grow up, graduate from college, see them get married and have kids! Additionally, traveling across the globe helping people in need is another one of Kerrie’s proudest achievements.

Although Kerrie and her husband, who she met at church a few years ago, have no biological children of their own, she has helped raise hundreds of children over the years and even had five grandchildren!