New Member Spotlight – Danielle Devine
Wednesday, January 19, 2022
by: Pearl Lai, Innovative Industrial Properties

Section: New Member Spotlight

Please welcome Danielle Devine, an Assistant Property Manager at LBA Realty to BOMA San Diego! She is excited to learn more about the real estate world, as well as get involved with our community of BOMA San Diego members.

BOMA San Diego: What is your role/responsibility at LBA REALTY?
Danielle: Assistant Property Manager

BOMA San Diego: What type of buildings do you manage? 
Danielle: Industrial, Office and Retail

BOMA San Diego: Tell us about your family! 
Danielle: I have three sisters, one brother, five nephews and one niece. No pets!

BOMA San Diego: What was your first role in commercial real estate and what ultimately got you interested in this field?
Danielle: I started as a receptionist for a small commercial real estate company right after I graduated college and worked my way into property management. I ended up staying there for 4 years!

BOMA San Diego: What are your top three goals for joining BOMA San Diego?  
Danielle: Meet new people, get involved in the community and learn about other sectors of the real estate world.

BOMA San Diego: What committees have you joined or are interested in joining?
Danielle: I’m interested in joining Programs & Seminars, Special Events, or Community Service.

BOMA San Diego: What is your favorite part of the workday?  
Danielle: Collaborating with my team!

BOMA San Diego: What is a book you read that you would recommend? 
Danielle: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

BOMA San Diego: What is a hobby you do outside of work? 
Danielle: Reading, yoga, and crossword puzzles!

It was great getting to know you Danielle, and we look forward to meeting you at our in-person events!