Leadership Spotlight - Addie Stathatos
Monday, May 24, 2021
by: Hamilton Bolton GP

Section: Leadership Spotlight

For this month’s Leadership Spotlight, we’re featuring Addie Stathatos.  Addie is currently the co-chair of the Membership and Emerging Leaders Committee.  If you’ve attended a BOMA event in the last few years, Addie was likely there, and she may have even planned it!  Addie is a huge asset to BOMA San Diego always bringing enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.  To learn more about Addie and her role within BOMA, read the full article here.
What’s your involvement with BOMA looked like over the years?
I’ve been involved in BOMA for almost 4 years.  I started off as a committee member in the Emerging Leaders Committee and Special Events Committee. I’m now the co-chair of the Membership and Emerging Leaders Committee. Throughout the years I’ve assisted in planning many networking events and lunch and learns.
How would you describe your leadership style? 
Collaborative, fun, supportive… I try to empower people to take charge and give them the tools and guidance they need to succeed.

How do you encourage creative thinking within BOMA, especially with the committees you are involved with? 

Putting people on the spot in meetings. Just kidding. We do a lot of brainstorming in our meetings. I think a team approach is the best approach. We take all ideas seriously so that people are comfortable sharing some wild ideas! Sometimes they just take a little revising or editing to make them great.

How do you respond to criticism? 

Usually I cry in the shower but then get myself together and use it as fodder to improve and get better.

Enough of the serious questions.. what’s something interesting most BOMA members might not know about you – a special talent, interesting story, or experience you might have been a part of, etc.?
Special talent?? Thought you’d never ask. My special talent are what I call “camp sports”. I’m surprisingly good at archery and rowing a boat. So far this has not come in handy in my everyday life.