Leadership Spotlight on Jacqueline Nishnic
Read on to learn about Jacqueline and her journey with BOMA San Diego
Thursday, August 6, 2020
by: Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed & Co.

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Jacqueline Nishnic is the Business Development Manager at ATI San Diego.  She is originally from the Los Angeles area, and after graduating from Colorado State University with degrees in Journalism and Public Relations and a minor in Psychology, she packed up her car and made the move back to Southern California.
Jacqueline lives in Escondido with her husband, Robert, and their three boys, AJ (11), Ty (4), and Robbie (2). Her husband recently retired from the Marine Corps and is currently working for the Department of Defense. They have two dogs: a 12-year old Pit Bull, Gunner, and a two-year-old shelter mutt, Gracie.
When asked about her time spent with BOMA and the Committee she says “getting involved in BOMA committee leadership has been a game changer - not only is it the best way to network and become familiarized with BOMA, but the professional growth I've gained in the short amount of time I've been in chair positions has been invaluable. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow with BOMA.”
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BOMA San Diego: How would your friends describe you? (3 qualities)
Jacqueline: loyal, laid-back, and occasionally funny
BOMA San Diego: Who is your mentor and what is the best piece of advice they have given you?

Jacqueline: This is a tough one! I'm fortunate to be surrounded by strong professional support systems, so I don't know if I can narrow it down to one mentor. Between the support from leadership at ATI - to my connections through professional associations like BOMA -  and my close friends and husband, there is no shortage of people in my life who bring value, new ideas, perspectives, and support, both professionally and personally. I was once told, "the harder you work, the luckier you get" - in my experience, it has proven to be a pretty accurate statement. 

BOMA San Diego: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as a BOMA leader and how did you overcome it?

Jacqueline: If you were to ask me this question in January, I would've said my biggest challenge was being a first-time committee chair, but now, I'd say it was being a first-time committee chair...during a pandemic! The staple of the CS committee is in-person volunteerism - making the shift from planning physical events to virtual fundraising has been new for all of us. We are still in the middle of navigating these challenges; however, listening and taking into consideration the feedback and suggestions of the committee has really made this a group effort. I couldn't ask for a better team to collaborate with!

BOMA San Diego: What is your proudest accomplishment in life? 

Jacqueline: I'm a first-generation college student, so to have the opportunity to attend and graduate from a four-year university has always been something I consider to be an accomplishment. Also, buying a home in Southern CA was something I never thought I'd be able to do...yet we bought our first home almost two years ago! And of course, most importantly, raising mindful and kind boys (although wild at times).

BOMA San Diego: Are you into books, music, movies, tv, or podcasts?  Any recommendations?

Jacqueline: I love to read! I'm currently reading "Where the Crawfish Sing," by Delia Owens. It's beautifully written with a great storyline. When I do have time to sit down and watch TV, it's either the news or mindless reality shows - my current guilty pleasure is 90-day Fiancé.

BOMA San Diego: If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

Jacqueline: Completely unplug and spend quality time poolside with my family...preferably in Cabo. 
Thank you for your leadership, Jacqueline!