Get Innovative with the Green Janitor Education Program
Monday, December 11, 2017
by: Kilroy Realty Corporation

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Get innovative with the green janitor education program
Benefit your commercial building with the innovative Green Janitor Education Program
The US Green Buildings Council (USGBC) and the Building Skills Partnership offered a webinar recently on the innovative Green Janitor Education Program known as GJEP. The webinar offered insight
to how the program works, and the benefits to the owner of certifying the janitorial workforce in commercial buildings.  Sara Neff, VP of Sustainability at Kilroy Realty, discussed how she implemented the GJEP at her buildings and the cost savings they were able to achieve.  The webinar has been archived so that other owners can learn more about the program, which is funded through the janitorial union trust fund.
To view the webinar, click one of the links below. Streaming recording link: .
Download recording link:
For more information on the program, contact Crystal Ramirez, program assistant in San Diego, at

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