Leadership Spotlight featuring Monique Adley
Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Monique Adley grew up in Orange County in southern California.  When she was younger, Monique lived on the Tustin military base as her father served in the US Marines. In 1999, her family moved to San Diego and she spent her high school years living at the Miramar base and attended Mira Mesa High School.

Monique started her career in commercial real estate 11 years ago when she accepted a job with BioMed Realty - the company she still works with today! Her first job was as a Senior Administrative Assistant.  A few years later, she was promoted to the position of Assistant Property Manager. After 4 years of working as an APM, Monique became a Property Manager.  In 2022, Monique became a Senior Property Manager and she manages Class A Life Science buildings, 500k sq. ft. in the Sorrento Mesa market. She also manages multi-tenant campuses and several NNN tenants.

Monique has been a BOMA San Diego member since 2020 and volunteers on the Education Committee.  In her first year, she stepped up to Sub-Chair the Foundations of Real Estate Management course, which was turned over to her by Tracy Perelle.  In 2023, she became the Co-Chair of the Education Committee with Liz Howeth.

Read below to learn more about Monique:

BOMA San Diego: Education is one of BOMA San Diego’s pillars. Who or what motivated you to volunteer as the Education Committee’s Co-Chairperson? 

Monique: I really enjoyed the Foundations of Real Estate Management course. It truly helped me as I was starting my career in CRE. It allowed me to meet other CRE professionals navigating their careers, and I wanted to be a part of something that was established and could help my own career.

BOMA San Diego: What is the most challenging task you’ve taken on as a BOMA leader? What was the outcome? 

Monique: The most challenging part about being a BOMA leader is balancing time. I enjoy the different events and courses to further my career and obtain my RPA, but with a busy workload and other personal events it can be hard balancing all the commitments. My co-chair Liz Howeth and I have divided duties as well as leaned on our committee members to ensure that we are representing our committee at any time we can.

BOMA San Diego: What is your leadership philosophy? 

Monique: My leadership philosophy has always been to lead by action. I’ve learned each position I’ve had and then found ways to be a mentor and resource for others.

BOMA San Diego: What are your top three strengths as a leader? 

Monique: I am a communicator, I possess self-awareness, and I am more than anything being my authentic self.  People value honest leaders that want to support their professional development.

BOMA San Diego: How do you set your priorities as a leader? 

Monique: Balance. Everything deserves attention. Not everything is a race. I do my best to make time for the people I manage by carving out specific time to meet with them to develop their needs and mentor. Setting boundaries and a schedule that allows for everyone to have a collaborative output.

BOMA San Diego: Who inspires you and why? 

Monique: My family inspires me. My parents are both hardworking, fun, loving steadfast pillars that are truly remarkable. Everyone that knows my parents just adores them. They are just good-natured people. They challenge my sisters and I to always be kind to others. To respect people's values and morals. To truly be a friend to people.  Free of judgment. Easier said than done at times, but always with a word of encouragement and insightful outlook. I truly try to make everyone’s encounter with me a positive experience.

BOMA San Diego: What value does your Committee’s projects bring to BOMA members? 

Monique: Our Committee is very steadfast in ensuring all BOMA members or potential members know about the education courses BOMA offers. Whether you are getting a certificate, your RPA/FMA, or just a few seminars it is beneficial to know the resources that are provided. This year we have partnered with the Life Science Committee on the Road to Life Science Certificate. This allows the Education Committee to assist further as CRE changes and evolves so does our education platform.

BOMA San Diego: What is your definition of success? 

Monique: The definition of success is a relative term. If you achieve a goal or accomplishment that you have set forth then that can be constituted as success. My definition of success is achieving any goal regardless of the hurdles or challenges you face if you set out and accomplish it.

BOMA San Diego: What is your favorite professional development book or audiobook? 

Monique: My favorite book is by Tunde Oyeneyin.  It’s called “Speak: Find Your Voice, Trust Your Gut and Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.”

Thank you for being an amazing BOMA Leader, Monique!