Friday, February 24, 2023

Section: Leadership Spotlight

When I heard Lauren Winter of Securitas was joining BOMA San Diego, my fellow BOMA colleagues had nothing but good things to say about her. Some of them had known her for years after working in the security industry together.  I remember hearing, “Lauren’s great, and she’s amazing.” When I met her, I saw what they meant. Lauren has a calm, cool and collected vibe, and is very friendly and welcoming.


Lauren has worked with Securitas for 13 years, starting out as a scheduler and worked her way up to become a Business Development Manager. Lauren became the face for Securitas in BOMA San Diego after her predecessor Diana Cuevas left the security industry.  Diana said that she was so grateful that Lauren joined BOMA, and was not surprised that she hit the ground running.  Diana also went on to say that Lauren is a hard worker, and “an individual who commits to help, follows through, and somehow improves the process.”


After Lauren joined BOMA San Diego, she jumped into committee life- volunteering on several committees including Special Events and Community Service.  According to outgoing Special Events Chairperson Amanda Joachim, she knew Lauren would be the perfect person to take over the Special Events Committee in 2023.  Lauren has “been crushing it since day one” on the Committee. She is go-getter, proactive, organized, and an amazing individual.  


In addition to becoming a Chairperson, Lauren recently earned a spot on the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors as a Member-At-Large!  Lauren is excited to be a part of the BOMA Board. She is the liaison to the Programs Committee and is looking forward to learning more about how the General Membership Meetings are planned out and executed.  For her contributions, Lauren received top recognition at the Committee level when she earned “You’re the Greatest” awards in 2021 for Special Events, and in 2022 for Emergency Preparedness & Sustainability and Community Service!


When I asked her what her personal achievements were in life so far, she said it was being a mom to daughter Reagan, being able to be a mom and have a successful career, and being able to continue to travel the world!


Read below to learn about Lauren and her take on being a leader:


BOMA San Diego: Congratulations on earning a position on the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors and for stepping into the Special Events Chairperson role this year. What and/or who motivated you to step into these leadership roles?

Lauren: I truly enjoy being a part of BOMA, I feel this association gives so much back to its members in terms of valuable networking, building long lasting relationships, and the impact on the community. I looked up to Amanda Joachim and the huge contributions she made last year in Special Events such as starting a new, and incredibly successful Meet the Committees event, hosting the Gala which was a hit, and all around being a warm, compassionate, and hardworking person. She has motivated and supported me throughout my journey to take a more active role in BOMA.

BOMA San Diego: What is your leadership philosophy? 

Lauren: My leadership philosophy is to take everything as it comes and do your best!

BOMA San Diego: What are your top three strengths as a leader? 

Lauren: I would say my drive, ability to get things done, and loud voice!

BOMA San Diego: What is the most difficult decision you've had to make to get you to where you are at now in your career?  

Lauren: I would say taking the leap from operations, which is the career path I had done for 10 years to get into sales. I really had no experience in sales but knew I wanted a change. I had to move to a new city and state and was not sure on what to expect or how to succeed in this role. I am so incredibly grateful to my company for giving me the opportunity to represent them in the field each and every day as well as bring our services to clients to help make their property, facility, or community safer every day.

BOMA San Diego: Who inspires you and why? 

Lauren: I would say Diana Cuevas inspires me, she is such a boss and is active in so many facets, not only work-wise, but in BOMA, in politics, and she really uplifts everyone who comes in contact with her. She is who I want to be when I grow up😊

BOMA San Diego: What leadership legacy do you want to leave behind for the next generation? 

Lauren: I truly hope I can inspire the next generation to take the leap and get involved. You never know the experience and relationships you gain if you don’t commit yourself, it can definitely be scary putting yourself out there but it is so rewarding in the long run.

BOMA San Diego: What is your view on continuous learning? 

Lauren: I am an avid reader and I would have gotten a history degree if I had been allowed, thanks Dad. Continuous learning is the only way to grow as a person and as an employee. Stagnation breeds destruction, always look to learn more about yourself, your career, your path, and your interests.

BOMA San Diego: What 3 books do you recommend for professional development? 

Lauren: Stories that Stick, Think Again, What Color is your Parachute