Leadership Spotlight on Ben Arvizu of CAM Property Services
Thursday, January 26, 2023
by: Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed & Co.

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Ben of CAM Property Services empowers BOMA San Diego members.  Since joining BOMA San Diego 9 years ago, Ben has helped develop and grow our Chapter’s monthly newsletter, encouraged our Principal Members to write articles to share their Property Management experiences and knowledge, helped create the Buddy Program (now known as the Ambassador Program), and served on the Board of Directors where he mentored Committee leadership.  In 2022, Ben earned the Ray Magnussen Associate Member of the Year award for all his contributions!


According to CAM Property Services President David A. Herrera, Ben’s standout leadership quality is his affable nature, which makes him “successful both as a committee leader onboarding new BOMA members to the organization and industry, and as a networker who can eagerly and genuinely connect a room of people and ideas.”


When he’s not working, Ben enjoys living life with his wife Deena and their son Jake.  They love to travel everywhere, whether it be to visit far off destinations abroad, going on a road trip to California’s Central Coast to visit relatives, or staying local and exploring San Diego. They also love entertaining family and friends at their home! 


Read below to learn about Ben and his leadership journey.


BOMA San Diego: How long have you worked at CAM Property Services? What was your starting role and what is your current role?


Ben: I’ve worked for CAM for 16 years! I started out as a Business Development Manager, and now work as a Business Development Specialist & Branch Leader in charge of all sales and account management for the Greater San Diego Area, and the Inland Empire.


BOMA San Diego: You served on the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors for a few years, took a year off, and came back.  What motivated you to join the Board in 2023?


Ben: I want to give back to an organization that has given me so much. BOMA has allowed me to meet and bond with talented people in the industry. BOMA has also entitled me to successfully open doors to business with top CRE companies in the industry.


BOMA San Diego: What's your leadership style? 


Ben: Simple, motivating, and a "we are in this together" attitude. 


BOMA San Diego:  What are your professional development goals this year? 


Ben: I want to take more breaks, do not speak as much, and listen more. 


BOMA San Diego: Between your roles at CAM Property Services and BOMA, you are responsible for managing teams and supporting committees.  How do you motivate a team?


Ben: I believe motion creates emotion. I want to ensure that everyone on the committee, team, or group I lead is informed and excited to do their part for the project's success. I try to utilize each person's strengths and have them use their strength/skill to maximize their potential.


BOMA San Diego: How do you handle conflict on a team? 


Ben: I handle conflict on a team by confronting the problem head-on and talking it out.


BOMA San Diego: You are big on empowering your teams and committees, whether it be to encourage them to write articles for the BOMA newsletter or to run events and relationship building activities.  Who empowered you early on in your career and what motivated you to pay it forward? 


Ben: Our Company President, David Herrera. His easy-going way of challenging and allowing you to fail has been gold in my career. He has also taught me to help others grow and have their back to find a way to get things done. 


BOMA San Diego: Work hard, play hard – what is your favorite thing to do when you are not working? 


Ben: Spending time with my family – traveling or discovering new restaurants here in SD. 


BOMA San Diego: What 3 audiobooks do you recommend for professional development?


Ben: Contagious by Johan Berger | Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy | Start With Why by Simon Sinek