Leadership Spotlight featuring Paris Cox
Thursday, December 15, 2022
by: Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Paris Cox of Kearny Real Estate is a BOMA champion! She is one of the first recipients of the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) designation, she has earned her Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation, and spent the past couple of years advocating for BOMA education for our members. One of her most significant accomplishments is her contribution to help create virtual programming for BOMI classes! Click on the link below to learn more about Paris and her BOMA leadership journey.

BOMA San Diego:  Why did you join the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors? 


Paris: BOMA offers so much in the way of advocacy, education, and networking that has been invaluable for my growth in the CRE industry, and I wanted to give back by getting involved at the Board level – did I mention it’s also a lot of fun and you get to work with amazing people?


BOMA San Diego:  Describe your leadership style.  


Paris: Things I find important are: being a good communicator, helping people understand the importance of what we are doing, and being inclusive in a team environment that motivates and encourages others to feel a “part of” [it].  I believe in empowering people to make decisions, have an opinion, and offer solutions, and of course, treating people with respect and kindness.  Another important tool that I have benefited from is allowing failed or unfortunate situations to be learning lessons and “mentoring moments,” as my boss would say. 


BOMA San Diego:  What are your strategies for building rapport with your committee? How do you motivate them?  


Paris: Listening to ideas from others and empowering them to take the lead on their ideas.


BOMA San Diego:  You are a huge advocate for BOMA Education!  What opportunities/resources should our emerging professionals seek out to help them achieve their BOMA education goals? 


Paris: I would urge all emerging professionals to pursue the education offerings BOMA facilitates.  This is a great way to understand what BOMA is about, find immediate value in BOMA and allow BOMA to launch your career.  Start with the Foundations of Real Estate Management – an entry level series of courses that touches base on all aspects of the property manager job description. Earn your CMCP (Certified Manager of Commercial Properties) – this certification tests your knowledge on a wide range of PM duties and certifies and demonstrates to others you know your stuff. It’s also a great stepping stone while working on your RPA.


BOMA San Diego:  We want to know more about your BOMA journey.  Tell our readers about a time you had a significant impact on a committee.  What project were you working on and what was the outcome? 


Paris: The Education Committee has had the most impact in my career, and I’d like to think in others’ careers as well.  Anyone who has achieved their RPA or FMA can tell you it makes a positive difference in your career and your ability to be the most effective property manager.


BOMA San Diego:  What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on as a BOMA leader? 


Paris: Most interesting project was the active shooter drill.  Most fun was Designer Purse Bingo.


BOMA San Diego:  How has your involvement in BOMA at the local level and at International helped you in your career at Kearny Real Estate? 


Paris: BOMA has opened doors I never imagined – jumping into education, expos, and making connections has allowed me to be a part of beta programs for BOMI and CRECI, speak at international expos, and make connections with other BOMA locals across the country.  Being involved will show people you are driven and dedicated to the industry; your reputation in the industry can be very important and others in your company (and others) will notice.  Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile! Showcase your knowledge and get involved- many doors will open!                                       


BOMA San Diego:  What three words would you use to describe yourself when you were an Emerging Professional?  


Paris:  Ambitious, Willing, Learner 


BOMA San Diego:  What three words would you use to describe yourself as a BOMA Leader? 


Paris: Encouraging, Collaborative, Creative


BOMA San Diego:  Lastly, we like to end our interviews on a personal note – podcast, books, restaurants, vacations. Any recommendations? 

Paris: I’m a total crime junkie so I love all podcasts true crime (SSDGM – if you know you know…) Fav podcasts: Crime Junkie, My Favorite Murder, Criminal, and This American Life.  Restaurants: Buona Forchetta (South Park), Ponchos Tacos (Puerto Vallarta), and Azucar (OB).