Leadership Spotlight on Jacqueline Nishnic
Friday, August 26, 2022
by: Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Jacqueline Nishnic has worked in the restoration industry for over 10 years, and with ATI Restoration for the past 7 years. She is ATI’s Executive Business Development Manager who focuses on building new business opportunities, as well as maintaining and managing ATI's existing accounts and customers.

Jacqueline is a past chairperson for BOMA San Diego’s Community Service Committee. In 2020, she led her committee and reimagined BOMA’s Community Service events to fit a virtual format - including hosting the chapter’s first virtual Food Drive where the committee raised funds that benefited the San Diego Food Bank. Jacqueline was named the 2020 Chairperson of the Year for all her efforts! Today she serves on the Board of Directors as a Board Liaison to the Special Events committee. Read below to learn more about Jacqueline’s take on leadership.

BOMA San Diego: How would you describe your leadership style? 

Jacqueline:  I sat in on a seminar a few years back about the Servant Leadership style and the characteristics behind that style resonated with me. It's the perspective that leadership isn't necessarily about commanding, but instead serving by encouraging, empowering, building trust, and showing humility. It's important to me that everyone understands the purpose of the tasks they're doing and feels safe to share their opinions and ask questions - that's how you learn! I'm a firm believer that when you empower the team, you're ultimately empowering the organization. 

BOMA San Diego: Tell us about your first leadership role in BOMA San Diego.  What were you the project lead for and what was the outcome of the project? 

Jacqueline: My first leadership role was in 2019 when I took on the role of vice-chair for the Community Service (CS) committee. One of my first responsibilities was to spearhead BOMA's annual Holiday Gift Drive - the committee's largest and longest running event. At the time, I was a new BOMA member with no prior leadership experience or non-profit experience, so being responsible for overseeing a large-scale gift drive was intimidating to say the least! But with the support and guidance of other BOMA leaders and a devoted committee who genuinely cared about the cause, we ended up collecting a record number of gifts that year. Since then, the holiday gift drive has evolved to include additional beneficiaries and continues to be the CS committee's signature and most successful event. 

BOMA San Diego: How has your participation in BOMA Leadership helped you in your career at ATI? 

Jacqueline:  The personal and professional growth I've experienced as a direct result of BOMA leadership is unmatched! Last year I was offered an interim director of business development role for ATI's Western Region overseeing a seasoned sales team. The experience (and confidence!) I gained as a BOMA committee chair not only directly influenced my decision to take on the role of interim director, but was a factor in my success in that role - specifically when it came to delegating tasks and public speaking. If you're looking to expand your leadership skills, I highly recommend getting involved as a committee chair or vice chair - it will change your life!

BOMA San Diego: Who encouraged you to pursue and apply for the Board of Directors and what words of advice did they have for you? 

Jacqueline:  Ben Arvizu! Ben approached me at a BOMA event and asked why I hadn't applied to be on the Board. It honestly hadn't even crossed my mind! But he got me thinking, and I couldn't think of a good reason NOT to be on the Board. During my time as a chair, I was able to drive small areas of change to further benefit BOMA which was an incredible feeling. And now to be able to serve as a Board member and have a seat at a table where significant decisions are made - it's an honor. 

BOMA San Diego: What is the most challenging task you’ve taken on as a BOMA leader? What did you learn? 

Jacqueline:  I was a first-year committee chair when Covid first hit, so the initial shift from in-person to virtual gatherings was definitely a challenge. Our committee had to think of new, out-of-the-box ways to help the community while also keeping everyone safe. Some events, like the Virtual Food Drive - were a hit! Other events had to be modified or even canceled. It's important to roll with the punches when things don't go as planned and always have plan B ready. 

BOMA San Diego: If you had the opportunity to travel back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you tell yourself?  

Jacqueline: I would tell myself that it's ok to occasionally say no. Even when it comes to your career. When I first started my career in my 20's, I assumed that in order to advance professionally I had to go above-and-beyond by taking on every task presented to me. While this led to some wonderful opportunities, I found myself exhausted, burnt out, and full of mom-guilt. I fully believe in the saying "the harder you work, the luckier you get" but there comes a point where you have to put yourself first. It took me a long time to figure that out. 

BOMA San Diego: What is your favorite method of self-care? 

Jacqueline:  I'm a big fan of the traditional self-care methods – massages, facials, spas, etc. But I recently got into gardening...hear me out...and it's been surprisingly therapeutic! One of my favorite things is tending to the garden either first thing in the morning before everyone wakes up, or in the evening during the summer golden hour. It's a great way for me to ground and recharge. 

BOMA San Diego: Define success. 

Jacqueline:  For me, success is the feeling of peace and satisfaction for where you are in life.