Leadership Spotlight on Anastasiya Plotina
Thursday, July 28, 2022
by: Rachel Willis, Pacific Rim Mechanical & Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed & Co

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Anastasiya Plotina was born in Latvia and grew up in Los Angeles.  She moved to San Diego to attend UCSD where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning.  After college, she moved back to Los Angeles to start her career.

Anastasiya started working in property management 12 years ago and became involved in the BOMA Greater Los Angeles (GLA) chapter. She participated in and chaired BOMA GLA’s Emerging Leaders Committee as well as the Government Affairs Committee, the Downtown LA Regional Council, and a number of networking event committees.  Anastasiya’s most rewarding endeavor was chairing the Women in Leadership Committee, as well as winning a BOMA International TOBY for Best Renovated Building (US Bank Tower) and the Pueblo Award for Outstanding Community Service.  

In the fall of 2020, she and her husband, Oleg, and son, Fedor, moved back to San Diego. Anastasiya works for Hines as a General Property Manager and oversees the company’s San Diego portfolio of properties.  Her role is to supervise operations across the portfolio and support the strategic growth in the region.  In BOMA San Diego, Anastasiya serves on the 12-member Board of Directors as a Member-at-Large. She joined the Government Affairs Committee, Programs & Seminars (as Vice Chair) as well as the TOBY Task Force on Awards and Scholarships. 

Read below to learn more about Anastasiya:


BOMA San Diego: What motivated you to apply for the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors and how has your journey been so far? 


Anastasiya: What better way to give back to an organization that I find incredibly valuable to both managers and service providers, than to help guide it strategically. I thrive on connection and purpose so I step up whenever I feel there is a need or when I feel like I can add value. I think the idea exchange and the collective power for change is what BOMA is all about and I wanted to be a part of that.


BOMA San Diego: What is your leadership philosophy? 


Anastasiya: Empower individuals to take on challenges, then step back to provide guidance, but allow them autonomy and the chance to grow through experience. 


BOMA San Diego: What are your top three strengths as a leader? 


Anastasiya: 1. Self and social awareness. I strive to understand how my words and actions affect others, so managing my emotions and practicing empathy allow me to support my team, especially through stressful situations. 2. Individualization. My goal is to identify and work with someone’s strengths to understand their unique potential as well as provide the most fitting management support. 3. Strategic Planning. I spend a lot of my time anticipating what’s to come and how to prepare my team for growth.


BOMA San Diego: What is your most significant accomplishment as a CRE leader? 


Anastasiya: There are a lot of projects and career moves that I’m proud of but becoming a people manager has been the most significant and fulfilling role.


BOMA San Diego: What is the best career advice you’ve received to date? 


Anastasiya: The best changes come through stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself. Periods of discomfort and vulnerability are temporary, but they provide the ability to level up and gain new perspective. 


BOMA San Diego: What/who inspires you in life and why? 


Anastasiya: Hearing personal development stories. People who go through adversity but are able to retain the element of hope and gratitude for life are truly remarkable. People who can embrace chaos and create their own internal peace to thrive.


BOMA San Diego: What advice would you give to BOMA San Diego’s Emerging Leaders about navigating the BOMA network? 


Anastasiya: Make real connections by joining committees and attending networking events with purpose. Focus on relationships and what value you can bring to the collective. Don’t fear taking on more responsibility because the energy you put into this experience will be rewarding in so many unexpected ways.


BOMA San Diego: We’ve heard that you are an amazing chef.  What your favorite comfort meal to make? 


Anastasiya: A Russian soup called Solyanka (several types of meats, pickles in a tomato base) that I learned by helping my grandmother in the kitchen. I never got any type of recipe from her, but when I make it now I swear it tastes exactly how she used to make it.