Leadership Spotlight on Renato Vazquez
Thursday, May 26, 2022
by: Michele Ignacio, A.O. Reed & Co.

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Renato joined the BOMA network over 8 years ago! He discovered his passion for the commercial real estate (CRE) industry through his involvement in BOMA Orange County, where he developed some of his best relationships with property managers and service providers through their BOMA connection.  

In October 2019, Renato and his family (wife Lupe, and children Olivia, Natalia, and Emilia) moved to San Diego because Renato accepted a new property management job. He also joined BOMA San Diego and became one of our most active members and leaders. Renato led the Principal Member Download in 2020, one of BOMA San Diego’s first virtual events that brought property managers together to discuss challenges and solutions for their buildings at the onset of the pandemic. In 2021, he joined the Board of Directors, co-chaired the Membership & Emerging Professionals Committee, and sub-chaired “Padres Night” (BOMA San Diego’s first in-person event since 2020). For his hard work and dedication, Renato was named the Principal Member of the year in 2021!

Read below to learn more about Renato.

BOMA San Diego:  Describe your daily morning ritual – what big task do you take on each morning to get you going? 

Renato: Usually I like to start the first part of my morning making sure I check all emails from the evening before to make sure I am all caught up. Once I do that, I like to check in with my immediate team to see if there is anything that needs my immediate attention. If there are no fires to put out, then I slowly start getting through the day!

BOMA San Diego: Who encouraged you to pursue a position on BOMA’s Leadership and what advice did they give you?

Renato: My first employer in the industry, SENTRE, INC., was a big proponent of BOMA when I started my career. Additionally, I was approached by the Emerging Professionals Committee Chair at the time, Carmen Torre, who saw something in me and asked me to be a part of the EP committee.  

BOMA San Diego: BOMA is big on professional development. What skills have you acquired or worked on in your time as a BOMA member that are applicable to your career?

Renato: One of the biggest skills I have developed while being involved in BOMA are my networking and public speaking skills. Speaking to complete strangers or a big group of people is not one of my strengths. But BOMA has put me in situations where I have had to do both, and as a result I have slowly become more and more comfortable in both situations.

BOMA San Diego: What is a pivotal moment in your career that you were scared to take on that had a good outcome? What was the outcome?

Renato: The most pivotal moment in my career was making the move from Orange County to San Diego. It was a big risk to move my family down here, but I am so glad I did. From day one I felt like the San Diego community welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like one of their own. It is crazy how in such a short amount of time I have grown to love this City (even though I will still root for my Angels!).

BOMA San Diego: What was your dream job as a kid and why? 

Renato: As I kid, I wanted to grow up and be a pilot. I loved the idea of being able to travel all over the world to see new places. Which is funny because one of my biggest fears now is flying (although I don’t let it get in the way of me traveling lol).

BOMA San Diego: Who inspires you and why?

Renato: The people that inspire me the most are those individuals who despite dealing with life tragedies (terminal disease, deaths in their family, physical or mental disability) in their lives, get up every day and give it their all. It is easy for us to complain about everyday problems, and over the last couple of years I know many of us feel like we have had such horrible issues, but it is always good to put things into perspective and realize that there are people out there dealing with far worst problems that we are, and we aren’t doing too bad at the end of the day.

BOMA San Diego: If you could travel back in time and meet your younger self, what advice would you give yourself?

Renato: Don’t rush things. Enjoy the here and now. Don’t compare yourself to others, because we all have our path to get to where we need to be. Everything happens when it is supposed to happen, but just make sure you enjoy the ride, because it goes by way too fast.

BOMA San Diego: Define success.

Renato: Being the best version of you that you can be. 

Thanks for being an amazing leader, Renato!