Leadership Spotlight featuring Jim Kelley of LandCare
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
by: Michele Ignacio

Section: Leadership Spotlight

Jim Kelley began his career in landscaping in 1984 at D.L. Olsen’s where he managed landscape maintenance operations. Today he works for BOMA San Diego Annual Supporting Partner, LandCare, as the Southern California/Southwest Region Vice President, where he supports five LandCare branch teams in San Diego, the Inland Empire and Palm Desert.

In BOMA San Diego, Jim volunteers on the Community Service Committee as the co-sub-chairperson for the 2021 Summer Work Party, an annual event where BOMA volunteers work together to help spruce up a local charity’s facility.

Jacqueline Nishnic, Community Service Committee Chair, commented on Jim’s leadership, “Jim is a huge asset to the community service committee, specifically when it comes to his involvement and contribution to the annual Summer Work Party. In addition to volunteering his time, staff, and supplies for the event, this year he coordinated a large mulch donation from the City of San Diego (estimated at over $1K), as well as an address from Councilman Chris Cate kicking off the event. This mulch was used to beautify and landscape the San Diego Center for Children, and made a huge impact. Jim is always one of the first to volunteer to help wherever needed and is an invaluable member of the committee.” 

Read below to learn about Jim’s take on leadership:

BOMA San Diego: How would you describe your leadership style?
Jim: Empowering, achievement oriented, driver of change and improvement, having fun with a commitment to team. 

BOMA San Diego: What is the easiest part about being a leader?
Jim: Acknowledging great effort and effectiveness, whether it’s attached to a win, or not. 

BOMA San Diego: On the flip side, what is the most difficult part?
Jim: Making tough, timely decisions. 

BOMA San Diego: What inspired you to volunteer to be the Summer Work Party sub-chairperson?
Jim: I joined BOMA SD’s Community Service Committee looking to offer value and resources (volunteering’s in my DNA.). This committee has a core group of “doers” and I wanted “in”! Our Summer work parties usually include chunky landscape projects and, being in that part of the business, it’s a perfect fit. 

BOMA San Diego:  What personal strengths helped you complete this project?
Jim: There’s experience and steadiness throughout our committee, including a lot of help and support. The planning and details are covered far in advance of the actual project. By the time we arrive on project day, success is usually guaranteed. I love that I’m also able to rely on my LandCare team’s help (and willingness) to volunteer.  

BOMA San Diego: What is your most significant accomplishment to date in your career?
Jim: From being a water boy at a plant nursery (in high school) to being responsible for a sizable part of a thriving business, all while remaining within my integrity, having fun while working hard and delighting clients, throughout my career.  I’ve lived the American dream. 

BOMA San Diego: What advice would you give our members who are interested in going into a leadership position for the first time in BOMA?
Jim:  Add value by getting involved. Don’t over-promise your time or commitment. Remain in your comfort zone. Rely on others for help, if needed, and raise your hand for the appropriate task (that fits). 

BOMA San Diego: How do you define success?
Jim:  Might sound corny, but as I turn the corner on my career, it’ll be the legacy I’ve earned with present and past team members. Did I have an impact on their lives and careers? Not for me to answer.