BOMA International Expo
Wednesday, June 26, 2019
by: Paris Cox

Section: Trends and Tips

I attended my first BOMA San Diego Expo two years ago, and I really enjoyed meeting new vendors, learning about their services, and just having a great time networking with all the local people in our industry.  When I first heard about the BOMA International Conference, I was surprised to hear that this event was a larger scale of our local expo, and I was very interested in having the opportunity to attend.  That opportunity came true when my boss, and BOMA Principal Member, Sonia Miró, encouraged me to attend the event and referred me to a list of scholarship opportunities. Included in this list was the J. Michael Coleman Scholarship, which awards entrance to the Expo and an additional $1,000 toward travel expenses. After learning about this scholarship, I didn’t waste any time applying. Although I did not get awarded the full scholarship, I did get the following response:

“Your credentials and goals are impressive.  Although we are not able to offer you a scholarship to cover your travel and hotel expense, I would be happy to extend to you a complimentary registration ($795 value) to attend the conference in Salt Lake City on June 22–25.”  

This offer alone was a huge honor, and it covered a large part of the expenses involved in attending the conference. Of course I accepted and decided to attend this year’s Expo in June. I was so excited to attend the expo that prior to the event I studied the conference schedule, decided which sessions to attend, I became familiar with the expo map, and planned to absorb everything while I’m there.