Ask A Property Manager!
Friday, August 11, 2017

Section: Trends and Tips

Insight and guidance are essential to any Emerging Leader in the CRE industry, and within BOMA San Diego, we have dozens of Property Managers (and their knowledge) right at our fingertips. See what the experts have to say in response to the many inquiries you may have:

Q: How many years does it typically take in the industry to become a Senior Property Manager?

A: ?“I personally have been in the commercial industry for 10 years and was just recently, officially, promoted to SRM.” - Rhonda Vicker, Meissner Jacquet

A: ?“Every company gives out titles and responsibilities differently. I say 10 years is about right. I want to say that’s about when I finally got my first SPM title. I’ve also seen people excel too quickly in those situations, which I think hurts their careers in the long run.  I think the idea is for them to not get too caught up in titles and focus on the experience they are getting and making sure they are in the right growth position for them.” - Kami Nutt, BioMed Realty

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