Board of Directors Debrief: Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar
Tuesday, July 11, 2017
by: Melanie Bamba, RSI Roofing & Solar

Section: Trends and Tips

1. How long have you been a member of BOMA San Diego?
A: 2014.
2. Why did you decide to join BOMA San Diego?
A: I decided to join BOMA San Diego because BOMA is the 
predominant trade organization for real estate professionals and represents excellence in the industry. If you’re doing any business with building owners or property managers, you, without a doubt, need to join BOMA San Diego. 
3. How has BOMA San Diego helped you personally in your career?

A: BOMA has been incredibly helpful for my professional career in a multitude of ways. I am lucky enough to have been encouraged by a few key individuals to pursue a leadership role within the organization. Taking that chance and putting yourself out there amongst industry peers can be intimidating, but with the support and encouragement of others, I took that chance. Sitting on the board surrounded by veteran leaders is awe inspiring and challenges me to be better in all avenues.
4. How has BOMA San Diego helped your ownership, building or business?

A: RSI Roofing & Solar has been partnered with BOMA San Diego for over 15 years. The majority of our business is commercial work – and that’s largely due to our presence and support within the organization.
5. What are three things you like the best about being on the BOMA San Diego Board of Directors? 

A: The leadership. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. BOMA represents excellence in the industry. Being surrounded by such tenured, experienced leaders makes you challenge yourself and raise your standards. The community. San Diego is a well-connected community. What I didn’t know before joining the board is that BOMA San Diego is incredibly cognizant of our role within the community and very active in advocating for policies that align with our mission statement and values. Our chapter is at the forefront of legislative changes, and that’s largely due to the leadership. The opportunity for growth. 
Personally, for me, the best perk of being on the board is learning how to be a better leader, within my role as a Chairperson, within my own company and our community.
6. What 
one piece of advice would you give to a new BOMA San Diego member?
A: My advice is two-fold. As a Chairperson, I see a lot of new members jump in and say they’re going to do a lot and volunteer for everything, and then their actual job comes into play, and they fall short of what they committed to. The reality of the situation is that we all have full-time jobs and what we do for BOMA is on a volunteer basis. As leaders of the organization, we understand that more than anyone. We all have jobs, we all have lives, and we all have a family. My advice for the new member is get involved, but don’t overcommit. My second piece of advice is when you do get involved, make it something that you’re passionate about so you can bring that passion to the committee. Do you like writing? Join the Communication Committee! Do you like meeting new people? Consider Membership! Stick with what you’re good at and watch your contributions grow exponentially.  

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