Landscape Device Rebates
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
by: Mike Regan, Pacific Green Landscape, Inc

Section: Trends and Tips

Communities want to save money in their operating budget by cutting back on water consumption. In the past, there have been various rebate programs to cash in on… but funds have run out! However, your property can still be eligible for landscape device rebates! Funds will run out quickly, as many communities are already taking advantage through their landscape management vendors – so make your reservation now. Once the money is gone…it’s gone!

The MWD SoCal Water$mart program offers cash rebates on a variety of water-saving technologies. Devices eligible for this rebate program are rotor sprinklers (MP Rotators). Installing rotating sprinklers reduces runoff and puts out 1/3 less the water of a spray head. Installing various efficient irrigation tools like weather based irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensors also make you eligible for the rebates. Check the Be Water Wise website for more rebate information:  

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