When You Should Avoid a Cleanup
Tuesday, February 4, 2014
by: J&M Keystone Restoration

Section: Trends and Tips

It is amazing what the right cleanup technology can do.  If you are faced with water or smoke damage J&M Keystone can help you find the right ways to clean and restore your carpets and walls to like-new condition.  However, there are cases in which it is not wise to attempt a cleanup and it is important to be able to recognize these situations.

J&M Keystone advises those who perform cleanups to stop and call in experts if any of the following situations occur:
  • Insect invasion.  In some cases, larval insects or even fully grown specimens infest areas that have been damaged by floods or other disasters.  These insects can pose substantial problems for most cleanup crews and unless they are addressed properly may negate cleanup efforts.  Termites are the most common insect infestation type, but other insects may also invade a damaged area.  If the wood in a home was already infested prior to the flood or fire, the disaster may bring these insects out of hiding or drive them into another area of the home.
  • Possibility of nuclear or chemical exposure.  Some cleanup situations deal strictly with water, but there are instances where there may be a possibility of exposure to more toxic substances.  Most cleanup crews are simply not equipped to deal with the possibility of a radiation or chemical leak at a plant, and workers could be exposed to deadly poisoning if they attempt to clean up even innocuous-looking spills.  If there is any chance that nuclear or chemical material has been released as part of the disaster or damage, professional crews who are trained to identify these substances should be called in.
  • Compromised structures.  A flood or fire can easily compromise the integrity of building materials.  If there is any suspicion that stairs, flooring, ceilings or other parts of the home may be weakened, crews should stop and wait until experts can assess the damage.  If the home or building is found to be structurally damaged, cleanup should be halted until the area can be made safe for humans and the weight of equipment they may carry.

J&M Keystone provides the support needed for cleanups of all types of disasters including flood and water damage, fire and smoke damage and other problems, and asks all home and business owners as well as cleanup crews to err on the side of caution when approaching any cleanup. For more information, please visit http://www.jmkeystone.com/.