Tuesday, January 26, 2021
by: SDG&E

Section: COVID-19 Updates

There are a variety of ways you can reduce energy costs in your business. By assessing the needs of your employees and customers, you’ll be able to make a plan that helps you cut costs where you need it the most.  
  1. Don’t heat what you don’t use. This may seem obvious but it’s easy to oversee. Only heat the rooms and areas of the building which are in use every day. Rooms with low usage should turn down their heat or off until in use. You can also keep temperatures low in hallways as they are not used for more than a couple of minutes at a time.  
  2. Motivate and involve staff. Encourage employees to take part in brainstorming sessions about energy efficiency at work. When employees offer their ideas on how to cut down on energy costs, innovative measures can result.
  3. Schedule an energy audit for your facility. SDG&E offers complimentary energy assessments to help ensure you are using energy efficiently. Schedule your no-cost appointment here.  
  4. Look out for small drafts that may leak air. Small drafts may result in losing substantial portions of your heating costs. Proper air sealing of the work environment can help eliminate those drafts.  
  5. Keep control of your heating. Keeping your office temperature one degree lower during winters can reduce the energy it uses by up to 10%. Purchasing a smart thermostat will allow you to operate temperatures remotely.  
By considering these steps, you may see changes in your energy bill. Don’t underestimate how small energy-efficient changes you make at work can add up to savings.  Not only will you be lowering your energy bill, you’ll also be promoting a green environment within your own workplace. For more ideas on how to save energy in your business, visit