Troubleshooting + Teamwork at July's Membership Meeting
Friday, August 11, 2017
by: Lauren Eckels, Unire Real Estate Group

Section: Member News

BOMA San Diego mixed it up at July’s luncheon, and it was an invigorating change of pace. The luncheon was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended whether a property manager, service provider, assistant or engineer, it had something for everyone.  The change in seating created a shift for attendees, requiring everyone to meet and network with new people. 

Each team was assigned one of the following scenarios to discuss:
  • How would you handle it if a high profile tenant restructures their Company which lowers employee morale and as a result employees vandalize your property?
  • What would you do if a new owner acquired your building and they forced you to go out to bid to save on operational costs despite long-term relationships with service providers?
  • Items go missing inside a tenant’s suite, and camera footage shows the culprit to be an after-hours contractor - how would you deal with each situation? What if the culprit was the tenant’s employee - what steps would you take to resolve the issue? 

The questions provided to each table provided attendees the opportunity to speak to their tablemates and collaborate. It was fun to solve the provided problem and find a solution. The questions and answers led managers and associate managers to be able to see different sides to issues and open up their line of thinking. It was good to hear all points of view as in the commercial real estate industry we are faced with a variety of problematic situations on a daily basis.

all tables convened with their teams, BOMA President Lynn Hulbert gave each group the opportunity to share their resolutions. Lynn’s wit sparkled and kept the room laughing during the responses and she provided her own spin and industry insight.

The unique approach BOMA San Diego took to their meeting format for July was very enjoyed and entertaining. Kudos to Programs & Seminars for providing a platform for everyone to learn and grow and realize we need to build our relationships so that problems can be solved as quick and clean as possible. We cannot wait to see how luncheons are mixed up in the future!

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