Membership Survey Results
Friday, July 14, 2017

Section: Member News

You spoke. We’re acting.
There’s no question about it. We’ve got the best members. And you proved it once again by responding to our recent membership survey. Your thoughtful replies and suggestions were not only appreciated; they’ll form the cornerstone of our strategic planning for the remainder of the year and beyond. So, thank you for taking the time to reply. You make BOMA San Diego great.
What did you have to say?
We’re gratified to see all of the positive responses, but we’re not about to rest there. We saw some areas where improvement is possible, and we’re excited to address those without losing momentum in the areas we’re doing well.
Here are a few highlights from both ends of the spectrum:
  • 86% said membership was between valuable and of excellent value relative to membership cost. That’s great news. Now we’re gunning for 100%.
  • 96% were satisfied to extremely satisfied with their membership experience. We’re looking at ways to bump that percentage up another 4%.
  • Regarding meeting your needs, we got the highest scores for the following: Annual Expo; updates on local, state, and federal code issues; advocacy efforts; continuing education; and the monthly newsletter. The lowest scores were for the following areas: increasing property value as a result of membership; new member orientation; luncheons and seminars; and promoting BOMA in local real estate community
  • You offered great suggestions for improvement. A few common themes: include icebreakers to encourage members to meet one another; stir up involvement from principal members; relaunch, expand and promote the “Buy BOMA” program; encourage participation from Emerging Leaders, and explore new locations across the county for luncheons and events.
Where do we go from here?
Now that we know what’s shining and what could use some polish, we’re developing an action plan to support both. If you leave meetings feeling happy you attended, you’ll know the changes are working. And you’ll have yourself to thank.
Thank you again for participating. If you have more suggestions, please email Executive Director Audrey Doherty at or connect with her at one of our many events. We also encourage you to reach out to our
hard working Board of Directors anytime.